My Daughter

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Season 7

Petticoat Junction (1963–1970)

Widow Kate Bradley and her three daughters run the Shady Rest Hotel on the outskirts of Hooterville. This program was a spin-off from The Beverly Hillbillies. Due to copyright concerns, the opening credits music has been replaced with a public domain recording of a traditional folk tune.
Season 5
My Daughter
Be a Mother
One Dozen Roses
I Can't Hear You
Pop Goes the Question
Cottage for Two
Your Wedding
I Thee Wed
Hawaii Calling
Kate's Birthday
Honeymoon is Over
Mr. Bedloe
Kate's Dan in Court
All That Buzzes
All Sales Final
The Master Plan
Power of the Press
The Apple Polisher
Come Home Higgins
Barber Shop Quartet
Girl of Our Dreams
Come Home Higgins
Uncle Joe
First Record
Mae's Helping Hand
Bad Day
Cannonball for Sale
My Pal Sam
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