Outlaw's Inheritance

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The Rifleman

Chuck Connors starred as The Rifleman, named Lucas McCain, a widower and a Union veteran of the Civil War (lieutenant in the 19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment), and a homesteader. McCain and his son, Mark (Johnny Crawford) lived on a ranch outside the fictitious town of North Fork, New Mexico Territory. Note: Most of these episodes are not yet available on Archive.org, but I was able to find them on Hulu. Sorry for the commercials.
Season 1
The Sharpshooter
The Home Ranch
The Young Gun
The Marshal
Eight Hours to Die
The Pet
The Deadeye Kid
The Trade
The Money Gun
Stranger at Night
Outlaw's Inheritance
Season 2
The Patsy
The Blowout
Eddie's Daughter
The Spiked Rifle
The Baby Sitter
Day of the Hunter
Mail Order Groom
The Visitor
The Horse Traders
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