Day of the Hunter

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The Rifleman

Chuck Connors starred as The Rifleman, named Lucas McCain, a widower and a Union veteran of the Civil War (lieutenant in the 19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment), and a homesteader. McCain and his son, Mark (Johnny Crawford) lived on a ranch outside the fictitious town of North Fork, New Mexico Territory. Note: Some of these episodes are not yet available on, but I was able to find them on Hulu. Sorry for the commercials.
The Marshal (H)
The Patsy (H)
The Pet (H)
Panic (H)
Obituary (H)
The Trade (H)
Ordeal (H)
The Visitor (H)
Stranger at Night (H)
The Day of the Hunter
Eight Hours to Die (H)
The Boomerang (H)
The Blowout (H)
Eddie's Daughter (H)
The Deadeye Kid (H)
The Money Gun (H)
The Spiked Rifle (H)
The Baby Sitter (H)
Mail Order Groom
Outlaw's Inheritance
The Sharpshooter (H)
The Home Ranch (H)

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