Poison Zoomack and his Magnet (1953)

Rootie Kazootie

Rootie Kazootie was the principal character on the 1950s children's television show The Rootie Kazootie Club. The show was the creation of Steve Carlin and featured human actors along with hand puppets. The show was performed live in front of a studio audience of schoolchildren, who were also active participants. They joined in singing the theme song proclaiming "Who is the boy, who is full of zip and joy? He's Rootie Kazootie!" at the beginning of each show. A regular feature was the "Quiz-a-Rootie" in which audience members received prizes for answering simple questions.
Poison Zoomack and his Magnet
Mr. Deedle Doodle the Raindeer
Polka Dottie Dots are Missing
Western Day
Gala Poochie Pup Wedding
Poison Zoomack and his Magnet
Rootie Joins the Army
Thanksgiving Day Party - Part 1
Thanksgiving Day Party - Part 2
Thanksgiving Day Party - Part 3
Thanksgiving Day Party - Part 4

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