Outlaw's Girl

The Roy Rogers Show (1951-1957)

The Roy Rogers Show was an American Western television series that broadcast 100 episodes on NBC. The show starred Roy Rogers as a ranch owner, Dale Evans as the proprietress of the Eureka Cafe in fictional Mineral City, and Pat Brady as Roy’s sidekick and Dale's cook. Animal stars were Roy's Palomino horse, Trigger, and his German Shepherd wonder dog, Bullet.
Season 1
Traveling Store
The Set-Up
Howling Dog Canyon
Outlaw's Girl
Bad Man's Brother
The Desert Fugitive
Outlaws' Town
Unwilling Outlaw
Dead Men's Hills
Ghost Town Gold
Shoot to Kill
Season 2
Death Medicine
Go for Your Gun
Mayor of Ghost Town
Blind Justice
The Knockout
The Run-A-Round
Phantom Rustlers
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