Rumpole and the Old, Old Story

Rumpole of the Bailey (1978–1992)

Rumpole of the Bailey is a British television series created and written by the British writer and barrister John Mortimer. It stars Leo McKern as Horace Rumpole, an aging London barrister who defends any and all clients, and has been spun off into a series of short stories, novels, and radio programs

Rumpole and the...

Season 4
Old, Old Story
Blind Tasting
Official Secret
Judge's Elbow
Bright Seraphim
Rumpole's Last Case

Season 5
Bubble Reputation
Barrow Boy
Age of Miracles
Tap End
Rumpole and Portia
Quality of Life

Season 6
Rumpole a la Carte
Summer of Discontent
Right to Silence
Rumpole at Sea
Rumpole for the Prosecution

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