Fire & Flame vs. A Mystery Team (1986)

American Wrestling Association - Tag Team Matches

Crusher/Bruiser vs Bockwinkel/Stevens (1973)
Crusher/Bruiser vs Bockwinkel/Stevens (1975)
Fire & Flame vs. A Mystery Team (1978)
Bruiser/Sammartino Vs Von Rashke/Ladd (1983)
Crusher/Bruiser & Little Bruiser vs Black Jacks & Bobby Heenan (1983)
Midnight Rockers vs. The Assassins (1985)
Midnight Rockers vs. Rock n' Roll RPMs (1985)
Garvin & Regal vs Hall & Hennig (1985)
Freebirds vs. Milliman/Barrera/Zumhofe (1985)
Rockers vs Keith Eric and Keith Roberson (1985)

More to come!

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