Billy Graham vs Wahoo McDaniel (1984)

National Wrestling Alliance - Singles Matches

Rogers vs. O'Connor (1961)
Flair vs. Steamboat (1978)
Steamboat vs Swede Hansen (1979)
Flair vs Nick DeCarlo (1979)
Rhodes vs. Stan Hansen (1980)
Flair vs Lawler (1982)
Steamboat vs. Bill White (1982)
JYD vs. Dibiase (1982)
Flair vs. Rhodes (1985)
Ron Bass vs. Buddy Landel (1985)
Deaton vs The Barbarian (1985)
Rhodes vs Eaton (1986)
Valiant vs. Thunderfoot II (1987)
Gilbert vs. Cactus Jack (1991)

More to come!

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