Snuka/Tonga Kid vs. Moondogs (1986)

World Wrestling Federation - Tag Team Matches

These videos are mainly from the Daily Motion web site. Some are in sections. Unfortunately, DM PLaylists are not embeddable, so the segmented videos are presented in series format.
Adonis/Murdoch vs. Briscos (1984)
Andre Gets a Haircut (1984)
JYD/Slaughter vs. Sheik/Volkoff (1984)
Bees/Orndorff vs. Harts/Barry "O" (1985)
Santana/Morales vs. Dream Team (1985)
America's Team vs. Sheik/Volkoff/Steele (1985)
Hart/Bulldog vs Ramon/Diesel (1985)
Putski/Atlas vs Butler/Petruzzi (1985)
Piper/Orton vs. Snuka/Atlas (1985)
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