Science Fiction Theatre (1955–1957)

In this science-fiction anthology series host Truman Bradley introduces stories extrapolated from actual scientific data available in the 1950's, concentrating on such concepts as space flight, UFO's and mental telepathy. All but one episode of the entire series is here.
Season 1
Time Is Just a Place
No Food for Thought
Out of Nowhere
Y. O. R. D.
Stranger in the Desert
Sound of Murder
Brain of John Emerson
Spider Inc.
Death at Two A.M.
Marked 'Danger'
Hour of Nightmare
Strange Doctor Lorenz
100 Years Young
The Frozen Sound
Stones Began to Move
The Lost Heartbeat
The World Below
Barrier of Silence
The Negative Man
Dead Reckoning
A Visit from Dr. Pliny
Dead Storage
Strange People at Pecos
The Human Equation
Target Hurricane
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