Science In Action (1950-1966)

Science in Action was a weekly half-hour television program devoted to science. The program was produced by the California Academy of Sciences. It was among the first live science television program in the United States. In all, 566 programs were produced. Dr. Tom Groody hosted the program for its first two years; he was succeeded by Dr. Earl S. Herald, who was the host for following fourteen years until production ceased in 1966
Submarines (1956)
Aero Medicine P1 (1956)
Aero Medicine P2 (1956)
Drilling for Oil P1 (1956)
Drilling for Oil P2 (1956)
Rivers of Ice P1 (1956)
Rivers of Ice P2 (1956)
Radar Defense Screen (1956)
The Flow of Heat P1 (1956)
The Flow of Heat P2 (1956)
Steinhart Aquarium
Earth's Radiation Belt (1959)
Global Television (1964)
Nerf Glider

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