Ep1: The Arms of the Gods

Shadow of Chinatown (1936)

Sonya Rokoff acting as a representative of a European importing firm hires Victor Poten (Bela Lugosi), a Eurasian mad scientist who hates both whites and Asians, to ruin the tourist trade in San Francisco's Chinatown. Rokoff soon realizes that Poten has become an unstoppable monster, beyond her control. Poten's nefarious activities draw the attention of newspaper reporter Joan Whiting and her novelist boyfriend Martin Andrews who begin to investigate the mysterious, and violent events in Chinatown.

Ep1: The Arms of the Gods
Ep2: The Crushing Walls
Ep3: 13 Ferguson Alley
Ep4: Death on the Wire
Ep5: The Sinister Ray
Ep6: The Sword Thrower
Ep7: The Noose

Ep8: Midnight
Ep9: The Last Warning
Ep10: The Bomb
Ep11: Thundering Doom
Ep12: Invisible Gas
Ep13: The Brink of Disaster
Ep14: The Fatal Trap
Ep15: The Avenging Powers

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