The Christmas Carol (1949)

Drama Specials

These are either one-time Special Programs or Episodic Series Programs for which I have only found one episode available.
The Christmas Carol (1949)
Silver Theatre: Closeup (1950)
Gruen Guild Theater: Joe Santa Claus (1951)
Family Theater: A Star Shall Rise (1952)
Short Short Dramas: Equal Partners (1952?)
Plymouth Playhouse: A Tale Of Two Cities (1953)
Sound Stage: Something for an Empty Briefcase (1953)
All Star Theatre: Heart of Gold (1953)
Philco Playhouse: Marty (1953)
Danger: Knife in the Dark (1954)
Producer's Showcase: The Petrified Forest (1955)
Goodyear Theatre: The Golden Shanty (1959)

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