Shower of Stars: Lend an Ear (1954)

Drama Specials

These are either one-time Special Programs or Episodic Series Programs for which I have only found one episode available.
Inner Sanctum: Port of Regrets (1954)
Lux Video Theatre: Holiday Affair (1955)
Screen Director's Playhouse: The Silent Partner (1955)
Zane Grey Theater: You Only Run Once
U.S. Steel Hour: A Wind from the South (1955)
Matinee Theater: The House of Usher (1956)
Armchair Theatre: The Criminals (1958)
Diagnosis Unknown: The Case of the Radiant Wine (1960)
Ben Casey: Preferably, The Less-Used Arm (1962)
East Side/West Side: One Drink at a Time (1964)

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