Jazz & Jive (1940s)

Musical Shorts

Short films of a Musical Nature
Ten Pretty Girls (1930s)
Zig Me Baby (1941)
Havana-Madrid Show (1941)
I Can't Give You Anything but Love (1941)
What This Country Needs (1941)
Once In A While (1941)
A Jazz Etude (1941)
Who's Yehudi? (1942)
Chime Bells (1943)
Our Teacher (1943)
Tin Pan Alley Cats (1943)
Beyond The Blue Horizon (1944))
Lamp Of Memory (1944)
Got To Be This or That (1945)
Hollywood Boogie (1946)
Daddy (1951)
Teach Me Tonight (1954)
Jazz & Jive (1940s)
Jiveroo (1940s)
You'll Have to Marry Me (1940s)
Here are More Musical Shorts

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