Gags & Gals (1940s)

Musical Shorts

Short films of a Musical Nature
In Old Shanty Town (1940s)
The Hut Sut Song(1940s)
Tica Ti Tica Ta (1940s)
Sweet Sue (Just You) (1940s)
Hawaiian Hula Song (1940s)
Lullaby of Broadway (1940s)
Heaven Help A Sailor (1940s)
Row Row Row (1940s)
Gags and Gals (1940s)
One Look At You (1940s)
I Don't Want To Walk Without You (1940s)
A Little Robin Told Me So (1940s)
Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech (1940s)
Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens (1940s)
Mexican Hat Dance (1940s)
Stardust (1940s)
Same Old Story (1940s)
Harlem Revue (1940s)
Surrender (1940s)
Fiesta (1940s)
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