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Lucille Ball

Humphrey Bogart

Gene Autry

Betty White

Abbott & Costello

Roy Rogers

Edward G. Robinson

Boris Karloff

Buster Keaton

Bing Crosby

Frank Sinatra

Bob Hope

George Gobel

The Marx Brothers

Lloyd Bridges

Joe E. Brown

Laurel & Hardy

Steve Allen

Milton Berle

Phyllis Diller

Shirley Temple

Jimmy Durante

John Wayne

Bela Lugosi

Basil Rathbone

W. C. Fields

James Cagney

Peter Lorre

Lon Chaney

Ginger Rogers

Betty Grable

Jonathan Winters

Robert Young

Ann Sothern

Kate Smith

Alan Young

Gale Storm

Frankie Laine

Raymond Burr

Annette Funicello


Mickey Rooney

Sherlock Holmes

The Adventures
of Zorro

Amos n' Andy

Monty Python

Dr. Christian

Charlie Chan

The Lone Ranger

Dick Tracy

Three Stooges


Boston Blackie

The Shadow


Robert Cummings

Donna Reed

Rocky and
His Friends

Muppets Tonight

East Side Kids

Agatha Christie

Alfred Hitchcock

Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith

Chester Morris

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