Flowers From A Stranger (1949)

Studio One

Studio One was one of the most significant U.S. anthology drama series during the 1950s. The format was organised around the weekly presentation of a one hour, live, television play. Each play different: such risk and diversity is hard to come by today.
The Medium (1948)
Flowers from a Stranger (1949)
June Moon (1949)
Two Sharp Knives (1949)
Of Human Bondage (1949)
Henry IV (1949)
Jane Eyre (1949)
The Willow Cabin (1950)
A Passenger to Bali (1950)
There was a Crooked Man (1950)
Away From it All (1950)
Little Women Jo's Story (1950)
Wintertime (1951)
The Rabbit (1951)
Mr. Mummery's Suspicion (1951)
The Guinea Pig (1951)
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