Mr. Mummery's Suspicion (1951)

Studio One

Studio One was one of the most significant U.S. anthology drama series during the 1950s. The format was organised around the weekly presentation of a one hour, live, television play. Each play different: such risk and diversity is hard to come by today.
Mr. Mummery's Suspicion (1951)
The Nativity (1952)
Plan for Escape (1952)
The Story of Meg Mallory (1952)
Treasure Island (1952)
Abraham Lincoln (1952)
The Nativity (1952)
The Laugh Maker (1953)
The Trial of John Peter Zenger (1953)
Confessions of a Nervous Man (1953)
Sentence of Death (1953)
1984 (1953)
Twelve Angry Men (1954)

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