The Adventures of Superman

The Adventures of Superman was a long-running radio serial that originally aired from 1940 to 1951, adapted from the DC Comics character. The serial came to radio as a syndicated show on New York City's WOR on February 12, 1940. On Mutual, it was broadcast from August 31, 1942, to June 24, 1949. The series shifted to ABC Saturday evenings on October 29, 1949, and then returned to afternoons, twice-a-week on June 5, 1950, continuing on ABC until March 1, 1951. In all, 2068 original episodes of The Adventures of Superman were aired on American radio.
The Baby From Krypton
Clark Kent, Reporter
Keno's Landslide
Kent Captured By The Wolfe
Locomotive Crew Freed
The Silver Clipper
Atomic Beam Machine
Threat to the Planet Building
Fire in the Sterling Tower
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