Tales From the Darkside (1983–1988)

Tales From the Darkside was an American anthology horror TV series created by George A. Romero; it debuted in 1983. Each episode was an individual short story that often ended with a plot twist. The series' episodes spanned the genres of horror, science fiction, and fantasy, and some episodes featured elements of black comedy or more lighthearted themes. These videos are auto-play. As soon as you arrive at the page they start playing.
Season 2
The Impressionist
Ring Around
Parlour Floor Front
Halloween Candy
Satanic Piano
Devil's Advocate
Distant Signals
Mary Jane
Ursa Minor
Effect and Cause
Monsters in My Room
Comet Watch
Dream Girl
New Lease on Life
Printer's Devil
The Shrine
Old Soft Shoe
The Last Car
Choice of Dreams
Strange Love
Unhappy Medium
Fear of Floating
Casavin Curse
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