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Taxi (1978–1983)

Taxi is an American sitcom that originally aired from 1978 to 1982 on ABC and from 1982 to 1983 on NBC. The series—which won 18 Emmy Awards, including three for Outstanding Comedy Series—focuses on the everyday lives of a handful of New York City taxi drivers and their abusive dispatcher. These episodes are from hulu - sorry about the commercials.
Season 4
Like Father, Like Son
Louie’s Mom Remarries
Of Mice and Tony
I Wanna Be Around
Doesn’t Live Here
Nina Loves Alex
Jim and the Kid
Take My Ex-Wife
The Unkindest Cut
Tony's Comeback
Latka and Simka
Cooking for Two
Road Not Taken, P1
Road Not Taken, P2
Season 5
Off the Wagon
Scenskees P1
Scenskees P2
Crime and Punishment
Alex the Gofer
Louie's Revenge
Zena's Honeymoon
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