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The Doris Day Show (1968–1973)

Doris Day, the most popular female motion picture star in history, made her television debut in a weekly comedy series that ran for five season on CBS-TV. THE DORIS DAY SHOW (1968-1973) presents the beloved actress-singer-animal rights leader as Doris Martin, a widow raising two young sons on the farm of her father Buck Webb, played by Denver Pyle. Among the guest stars featured are Tony Bennett, Meredith Baxter, Richardo Montalban, Henry Fonda, Larry Storch, John Astin, Lew Ayres, Julie Adams, Van Johnson and Jodie Foster.
Season 1
Dinner for Mom
The Uniform
The Friend
The Matchmakers
The Songwriter
The Antique
LeRoy B. Simpson
The Black Eye
The Librarian
The Camping Trip
The Job
Buck's Girl
The Relatives
Love a Duck
Out of the Nest
The Clock
The Buddy
The Flyboy
The Tournament
Love Thy Neighbor
The Con Man
The Musical
The Baby Sitter
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