The Wooden Rifle

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The Lone Ranger Television Program

The lone surviving Texas Ranger who was nursed back to health by the Indian Tonto rides with him, on Silver and Scout, throughout the West, doing good while living off a silver mine which supplies him with income and bullets.
Code of the Pioneers
The Law Lady
Uncle Ed
Jornada Del Muerto
Sunstroke Mesa
Sawtelle Saga's End
Too-Perfect Signature
Trigger Finger
False Accusations
Gold Freight
The White Mask
Bounty Hunter
Sand Creek
Heart of a Cheater
The Swami
Sheriff's Sale
Six-Gun Artist
Death Goes to Press
Return of Dice Dawson
Adventure at Arbuckle
The Return
Framed for Murder
The Bait: Gold!
The Sheriff's Wife
Counterfeit Redskins
One Nation, Indivisible

Season 5
The Wooden Rifle

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