Westward, the Shoemaker

The Loner (1965–1966)

Western series set in the years immediately following the American Civil War. Lloyd Bridges played the title character, William Colton, a former Union cavalry officer who headed to the American west in search of a new life. Each episode dealt with Colton's encounters with various individuals on his trek west.
An Echo of Bugles
The Vespers
The Kingdom of McComb
One of the Wounded
The Flight of the Artic Tern
Widow on the Evening Stage
The Homecoming of Lemuel
Westward, the Shoemaker
The Oath
Hunt the Man Down
Escourt for a Dead Man
To the West of Eden
The Trial in Paradise
Pick Me Another Time to Die
A Question of Guilt
The Ordeal of Bud Windom
Stroll to the End of the Line
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