Chapter 1: The Sign of the Skull

The Phantom (1943) Serial

Columbia Pictures 15 chapter serial starring Tom Tyler in the title role. The serial is based on Lee Falk's comic strip The Phantom. The serial also features Jeanne Bates as the Phantom's girlfriend Diana Palmer, and Ace the Wonder Dog as the Phantom's trusty German shepherd Devil (who is a wolf in the original comic.

Chapter 1: The Sign of the Skull
Chapter 2: The Man Who Never Dies
Chapter 3: A Traitor's Code
Chapter 4: The Seat of Judgement
Chapter 5: The Ghost Who Walks
Chapter 6: Jungle Whispers
Chapter 7: The Mystery Well

Chapter 8: In the Quest of the Keys
Chapter 9: The Fire Princess
Chapter 10: The Chamber of Death
Chapter 11: The Emerald Key
Chapter 12: The Fangs of the Beast
Chapter 13: The Road to Zoloz
Chapter 14: The Lost City
Chapter 15: Peace in the Jungle

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