The Egg War

The Real McCoys (1957–1963)

The Real McCoys revolves around the lives of a mountain family who originally hailed from fictional Smokey Corners, West Virginia. The McCoys moved to California and became dirt farmers. The family consisted of Grandpa Amos McCoy (Walter Brennan); his grandson Luke (Richard Crenna), Luke's new bride Kate (Kathleen Nolan), Luke's teenage sister Hassie (Lydia Reed), and his 11-year-old brother, Little Luke (Michael Winkelman).
Californy Here We Come
The Egg War
Kate's Dress
Grampa Sells His Gun
Question of Discipline
Lukes Freedom
Gambling is a Sin
Lets Be Buddies
The Goodys' Come to Town
Time to Retire
Grampa's Proposal
Traveling Saleswoman
New Doctor in Town
Love or Money
Kates Career
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