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The Saint (1962–1969)

The Saint was an ITC mystery spy thriller television series that aired in the UK on ITV. It was based on the literary character Simon Templar (played by Roger Moore). Templar was essentially a Robin Hood who stole from criminals, but kept the money. His nemesis was Chief Inspector Claude Teal who considered Templar a common criminal no matter whom he stole from.
Season 1
The Talented Husband
The Latin Touch
The Careful Terrorist
The Covetous Headsman
The Pearls of Peace
The Arrow of God
The Element of Doubt
The Effete Angler
The Golden Journey
The Man Who Was Lucky
The Charitable Countess

Season 2
The Fellow Traveler

Starring the Saint
The Elusive Ellshaw
The Work of Art
King of the Beggars
Saint Plays With Fire
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