The Vigil

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The Waltons (1971–1981)

The story is about the family of John Walton Jr. (known as John-Boy): his six siblings, his parents John and Olivia Walton, and the elder John's parents Zebulon "Zeb" and Esther Walton, during the 1930s. John-Boy is the oldest of the children, who becomes a journalist and novelist. Stars: Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite, Michael Learned, Ellen Corby and Will Geer.
Season 5
The Vigil
The Firestorm
The Nightwalker
The Great Motorcycle Race
The Pony Cart
The Best Christmas
The Last Mustang
The Ferris Wheel
The Elopement
John's Crossroad
The Hero
The Inferno
The Long Night
The Hiding Place
The Go-Getter
Season 6
The Stray
The Recluse
The Seashore
The Volunteer
The Grandchild
Battle of Drucilla's Pond
The Children's Carol
The Milestone
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