The Kiss (1896)

The Films of Thomas A. Edison

Edison's laboratory was responsible for the invention of the Kinetograph (a motion picture camera) and the Kinetoscope (a peep-hole motion picture viewer). Most of this work was performed by Edison's assistant, William Kennedy Laurie Dickson, beginning in 1888. Motion pictures became a successful entertainment industry in less than a decade, with single-viewer Kinetoscopes giving way to films projected for mass audiences. The Edison Manufacturing Co. (later known as Thomas A. Edison, Inc.) not only built the apparatus for filming and projecting motion pictures, but also produced films for public consumption.
The Boxing Cats (1894)
The Kiss (1896)
Chicago/Michigan Football Game (1903)
The Unappreciated Joke (1903)
The Maniac Chase (1904)
The Night Before Christmas (1908)
Frankenstein (1910)
The Dinosaur & the Missing Link (1917)

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