With guest actress Kim Novac

What's My Line?

What's My Line? was a panel game show which originally ran in the United States on the CBS Television Network from 1950 to 1967, with several international versions and subsequent U.S. revivals. The game tasked celebrity panelists with questioning contestants in order to determine their occupations. This library is listed by the celebrity guests' names.
Premiere Telecast (1950)
Admiral Halsey (1951)
Jack Dempsey (1951)
Chuck Dressen (1952)
Bette Davis (1952)
Desi Arnaz (1952)
Walter Winchell (1952)
Eddie Anderson (1952)
Vic Damone (1952)
Edward R. Murrow (1952)
Cesar Romero (1952)
Jeanette MacDonald (1952)
Sally Rand (1952)
Rosalind Russell (1953)
Joe E. Brown (1953)
Jack Benny (1953)
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