Mystery, Detectives and Crime Drama

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Charlie Chan

Racket Squad


Sherlock Holmes

Ellery Queen

Peter Gunn

Martin Kane
Private Eye

Richard Diamond
Private Detective

Man with a Camera

Mr. and Mrs. North

Rocky King - Detective

Hercule Poirot

Follow That Man

Boston Blackie

Dick Tracy

Miss Marple

Federal Men

Gang Busters

Dangerous Assignment

Lock Up

The Court of
Last Resort

The Public Defender

Man Behind
the Badge

Code 3


I Led Three Lives

The Lawless Years

I'm the Law

Michael Shayne

Department S

The Fugitive

U.S. Marshall

Highway Patrol

Raymond Burr

The Shadow

Danger Man

The Champions

The Avengers

Mike Hammer


Honey West


It Takes a Thief

Kraft Suspense Theatre

The Untouchables

Agatha Christie

Alfred Hitchcock

Crime Drama Specials

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