SciFi, Fantasy and Horror - Presented in Alphabetical Order

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No. 13 Demon Street

3rd Rock from the Sun

The Addams Family

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Hulu)

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985)

Amazing Stories


Bela Lugosi


Boris Karloff

Capain Midnight
(aka Jet Jackson)

Captain Video

Captain Z-RO

Christopher Lee



Fantasy Island

Fireball XL5

Flash Gordon

Friday the 13th

George Reeves

The Ghost Busters

Ghost Story

The Greatest American Hero

The Green Hornet

I Dream of Jeannie

The Incredible Hulk

The Invaders

The Invisible Man


Lights Out

Lon Chaney

Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Kraft Suspense Theatre
(aka Crisis)

Land of the Lost

Lois & Clark

Lost in Space

Max Headroom

Men Into Space

One Step Beyond

The Outer Limits


Rocky Jones,
Space Ranger

Rod Serling

Roger Corman Films

Salvage 1

Science Fiction Theatre

Space 1999

Space Patrol

The Amazing Spider Man


Suspicion (1957-58)

Tales of Tomorrow


SciFi, Fantasy
& Horror

Tom Corbett:
Space Cadet

The Twilight Zone (19591964)


The Veil

Voyage to the
Bottom of the Sea

'Way Out

Robots on Film

SciFi/Horror Specials

SciFi Movies

Horror Movies

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