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I used to not consider myself a serious guitar collector (thinking I couldn't afford to be!), but around 2000, when the number of instruments in my collection went past 30, I began to realize that it had become a serious pursuit. My favorite pastime for several years was to acquire a "wall hanger" for next to nothing and then restore it to a playable instrument. Eventually, I realized that I don't really have the patience or the dedication to be a good luthier, so I gave that up.

This collection consists almost entirely of what I would call "working mens'" guitars. Not the kind that are generally thought of as "collectable", but mostly inexpensive models that have been used down through the years by amateur and working musicians alike, sometimes referred to as "house brand" or "catalog" guitars.

The collection covers every decade of the 20th Century, and there are several guitars that are over 100 years old. (Note: Many of the instruments shown here have been sold to collectors, but I maintain the photos for historic purposes).

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Here is the entire list, chronologically:

European Parlor Guitar "In the Spanish Style" (c.1860)
"The Prize" Late 1800's "cowboy" guitar (probably Lyon & Healy)
19th Century German Lute Guitar
University Grand Concert Guitar (by Regal - c.1890)
19th Century French Parlor Guitar (Lacote style c.1890)
Bay State Parlor Guitar (c.1890)
Washburn 1890's Type 1 "New Model" Parlor Guitar
Handmade Folk-Art Guitar by Wilfred E. Drake (1894)
Turn of the Century Lyon & Healy Catalog Guitar
Turn of the Century Royal Concert Guitar (probably Lyon & Healy)
Turn of the Century Oscar Schmidt Auditorium Guitar (possibly Supertone)
1900-1920's Stromberg-Voisinet Concert Guitar
Lyon & Healy Concert Guitar (circa 1920)
Howard Plectrum Banjo by Wurlitzer (c.1920)
1920's Harmony (?) Flat Top Catalog Guitar
1920's May-Bell guitar by Slingerland (Regal)
1920's Oahu Hawaiin Style Guitar (Regal?)
1920's Bluebird Guitar (Oscar Schmidt)
1920's Lyra Brand guitar by Bruno (Oscar Schmidt)
1920's "FrankenStella" Hybrid Guitar (Oscar Schmidt/Des Lauriers)
1920's Fancy Supertone Grand Concert Guitar
1920's(?) Supertone Hawaiian Motif Guitar
1925 Supertone Concert Guitar (Oscar Schmidt)
1930's "The Olympian" Parlor Guitar (probably Regal)
1930's Caribbean Theme stenciled guitar (probably Harmony)
Early 1930's Custom Kraft acoustic archtop
Kay Kraft Venetian Model - Style A (c.1933)
1930's Regal Concert Guitar
1930's Harmony Catalog Guitar
1930's Fancy Oscar Schmidt Catalog Guitar
1930's Regal parlor guitar
Mid 1930's Gretsch model 35 archtop
Mid 1930's Washburn Deluxe round hole arch top (by Regal)
1936 Richter arch top (for Montgomery Ward)
1936 McKinney Hawaiian Style Guitar
WWII Vintage (Early 1940's) Harmony Patrician archtop
WWII Vintage (Early 1940's) Serenader archtop
Customized 1940's Kay Model L3885 Flat Top Guitar
1940's Kay archtop
Montgomery Ward (?) Kit Parlor Guitar (circa 1940's - 50's)
1950's Harmony Stratotone (rebuilt)
1950's Maccaferri Islander
1950's Silvertone Flat Top (rebuilt)
Mid 1950's Kay K11 archtop
1950's Regal Parlor Guitar (Harmony)
1954 Gibson L-50
1950's Jackson-Guldan "Blue Suede" Guitar
1950's-60's Silvestri Parlor Guitar
Late 1950's Harmony model H-165 folk guitar
USA Strad Parlor Guitar (c.1960 - Harmony or Kay)
1960's Kay Thinline Flat Top
1960's Vitali (German) Parlor Guitar
1960's Hand Made Russian Mandolin
1964 Gibson Melody Maker
Yamaha C-20A Classical Guitar (c.1965)
1966 Gibson ES125CD
1967 Harmony H64 Thinline Electric
1970 Guild F30
Early 1970's Univox Coily (ES335 copy)
1970's Framus Model 5/5U Archtop
1975 Harmony model H6645 flat top
Japanese Hollow Body Electric of unknown origin (c.1980's)
1980's Taka Model TA2 3/4 size guitar
1989 Gretch Traveling Wilbury's Guitar
1991 Applause AN12
1993 Squire P-Bass
1990's D'Aria Gypsy Jazz Guitar
BIG RED - 1997 Gretsch Tennessee Rose (Model 6119)
1998 Epiphone Emperor Regent
2000 Lark in the Morning Resonator Guitar
2000 Olympia ODMCE Millennium Edition
2000 CF Martin D-15
2001 Jay Turser JT-134DC
2001 Art & Lutherie "Ami" Parlor Guitar
2002 "Aphrodite" Jazz Guitar
2002 Epiphone AJ-18S

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