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1920's "FrankenStella" Hybrid Guitar (Oscar Schmidt/Des Lauriers)

This shot shows the neck-to-body join. As you can see, the body turned out to be asymetrical, so although the join seam is centered on the body, the neck bolts don't quite line up. The new back is made from African Mahogany, which I purchased from Stewart MacDonald Lutherie Supply. I stained the rim slightly reddish to better match the new back. The neck is one-piece poplar, with a rosewood fingerboard. I refinished the neck itself, but left the old fingerboard alone. I faced the peg head with an overlay of tortoise shell. These open-back tuners came with the neck. This shot shows the results of the neck angle adjustment. At the saddle break, the strings are lifted about 5/8" off of the face, so the set up is more like an arch top then a flat top. This gives the guitar a very punchy, loud sound. The neck joins the body at the 13th fret instead of the traditional 12th, but the sound is still very characteristic of traditional Stella tone - with a sound hole pick-up, this guitar is one of the best sounding blues axes I own. This shot through the sound hole shows the label I manufactured for my "hybrid creation".

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