The Bluesbox Collection

1985 Epiphone EL-00 Flat Top

This guitar is a replica of a 1920's Gibson L-00 - commonly referred to as the "Blues King" guitar. I bought it specifically to use for my outdoor gigs. This close up of the face shows the classic L-00 shape and the lovely red-orange sunburst finish. The top appears to be solid spruce. The back and sides are laminated mahogany, as is the neck. The headstock shape is reminiscent of Epiphones from the 1930's, while the sheet metal logo plate is right out of the 50's. The tuners are Schallers, with gold knobs and stems, and black nylon housings. They are probably not original. The Epiphone label inside the sound hole declares that this is an "EL-00" model. The serial number dates it to 1985. In 1984-85, Epiphone guitars were made in Korea, in the same Samick factory that makes them today. The guitar has superb tone but was slightly lacking in volume before I did a little shaving of the braces.

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