The Bluesbox Collection

2002 Epiphone AJ-18S

The back and sides are laminated mahogany, which means that this guitar more closely resembles the Gibson J-45 then the Advanced Jumbo model that it is supposedly based on. The fingerboard has snowflake inlays with a block inlay at the twelth fret. The headstock is faced with rosewood and sports mother-of-pearl inlays. The tortoise shell overlay seen here was installed by me to mask the repair work. The back of the head shows the gold Schaller tuners I installed (Epiphone removed the original tuners before they sold the guitar - I also had to install the nut, saddle and bridge pins). I repaired the break and inlaid a "volute" - which is an exterior brace - to stiffen the join, then I repainted the back of the head black, rather than try and duplicate the original sunburst.

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