The Bluesbox Collection

1967 Harmony H64 Thinline Electric

I faced the peg head with some tortoise shell material. This is in keeping with several high-end Harmony models (although not this particular one). I also found the Harmony logo decal on eBay. When I received this guitar, the head was all scratched up where (no doubt the same) previous owner had tried to obliterate the fact that this was a Harmony guitar. It looks like he (or she) was trying to turn it into a Gibson ES335.

I really like this guitar a lot. The look is deliciously retro, and the tone is unique - kind of a cross between an LP and a Gretsch semi-hollow. It has that Gretsch-style twang, but is smoother. The neck is one of the thinnest I have ever played, and because it is a bolt on, I can flex it to create a nice vibrato.

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