The Bluesbox Collection

WWII Vintage (Early 1940's) Serenader archtop

This close-up of the face shows the wooden tailpiece, which dates this guitar to the war years, when the use of metal in musical instruments was restricted. Notice that it is exactly the same design as the one on the the Patrician - but this one is made of birch instead of rosewood. The "binding" around the face was originally painted on, but had been partially obscured when the top was refinished. I used mylar pinstriping tape to restore it, then applied a single coat of clear lacquer to seal it to the wood. That the top HAS been stripped and refinished is immediately evident when you look at the back, which has a sunburst pattern with a faux "flame maple" look to it (why would they go to the trouble of just putting this on the back, where no one would see it?). The peg head, is the only obvious departure from the design of the Patrician, which has the typical oversized Harmony, paddle style, headstock

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