The Bluesbox Collection

1950's-60's Silvestri Parlor Guitar

An even closer look at the face underneath the sound hole reveals an inlay of mahogany separating the two halves of the book matched European spruce top. There are little touches like this all over both outside and inside the guitar, which point to the maker having been a very meticulous luthier.

This is a very fine instrument. It has an clean, open sound with very deep bass tones.

Update: 7/24/02: I recently decided to convert this guitar to a pin bridge. I was concerned about whether or not the original bracing would be adequate until I learned about a device called a "Bridge Doctor". The Bridge Doctor applies leverage to the underside of the face, compensating for the pressure of the strings pulling in the opposite direction. It is a good thing to install on any flat top guitar with a pin bridge because it prevents the distortion of the face which is inevitable with any such guitar. In fact, it can even be used to correct the condition after the fact. The great thing is that the Bridge Doctor also improves the sound of the guitar by stiffening the face so that the string vibrartion is not shunted away by the stress of the string pull. The sound is louder, with more sustain, and with greatly improved mid-range tones. It is marketed by the inventor, JLD Systems, Inc., and I highly recommend it. This product is so good that it is installed at the factory on all new Breedlove guitars. Here is what the guitar looks like now.

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