The Bluesbox Collection

Late 1950's Harmony Stratotone (rebuilt)

The finished pick guard is about 1/16" thick and quite stiff and strong. I redrilled the original holes for the volume and tone controls. The original guitar had a Tele-style three position lever switch, but I decided to just use the toggle switch that came with the Sillouette - since this guitar has been refinished, and mixes 50's and 60's parts, I figured I had nothing to lose on that score.

When the second guitar arrived, I found I was able to use the pick ups, switches, and even the knobs. I also stole two of the marker dots from the second guitar's neck to replace two that were missing on the Stratotone neck. I installed a set of Ping sealed tuning machines. The rebuilt guitar is quite nice to look at, and plays and sounds great.

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