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1950's Regal Parlor Guitar (Harmony)

I fitted it with a new nut and installed these Kluson knock-off tuners. I proceeded to string it up and was amazed at the fine tone of this instrument. It is the best sounding small guitar (other than my Washburn) that I own! And it plays very easily. It now does double duty as my camping guitar and I also play it for a lot of my street gigs.

The original Regal brand went through many incarnations before it was finally abandoned in the 1960's. It started as an independent manufacturer, but was acquired by Lyon & Healy at some point prior to 1908. Later both Regal and the L&H Washburn brands were bought by the Tonk Bros. distribution firm. At the time this guitar was made, Regal was a brand name of the Harmony Company.

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