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Solie's Wrestling Newsletter:
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Issue #98 12/23/96
Monday Night Wars Edition

Issue #97 12/22/96
Weekend Review

Issue #96 12/21/96
Bret Hart's Weekly Column Summary

Issue #95 12/18/96
Starrcade '89 by Ervin V. Griffin/Other Ramblings...

Issue #94 12/16/96
NWO Takes Over the the 1st Hour of the Nitro Broadcast!/Bret Hart Jumps Stone Cold and Hands Him a Victory/Billy Gunn Suffers a Neck Injury in a match Against His Brother

Issue #93 12/15/96
The Trials Related to Expressing Unpopular Opinions

Issue #92 12/15/96
In Your House Report!/Owen-Bulldog Retain Tag Titles/Undertaker Wins a Wild Armageddon Rules Match over the Executioner/Sid Retain's the Belt after Shawn's Interference

Issue #91 12/14/96
A Summary of Bret Hart's Weekly Column

Issue #90 12/12/96
Starrcade in the 90's by Ervin V. Griffin Jr./DINFERNO's Wrestling Page to Close

Issue #89 12/9/96
Monday Night Wars Edition/DDP Advances to the Finals in the US Tourney/Mankind vs. Undertaker No Holds Barred!

Issue #88 12/8/96
A Summary of Bret Hart's Weekly Column

Issue #87 12/5/96
An Interview with Larry Zybsko/Starrcade (1983-1989) by Ervin V. Griffin

Issue #86 12/2/96
Monday Night Wars Edition/Sting Wrestles Rick Steiner (sort of...)/Some Thoughts About the Outsiders

Issue #85 12/1/96
A Summary of Bret Hart's Weekly Column/Weekend Wrap-Up: Is Roddy Piper the "NEW" Macho Man?

Issue #84 11/25/96
Marcus Bagwell Joins the NWO/Hart Brothers Match Ends in a Screwjob/A Summary of Bret Hart's Weekly Column

Issue #83 11/24/96
The Giant Wins WW3 - Will Face Hogan for the Title

Issue #82 11/23/96
When Did Eric Bischoff Join the NWO?

Issue #81 11/22/96
Some Thoughts on the Bischoff Turn and Other Developments

Issue #80 11/18/96
Eric Bishoff Joins the NWO/Roddy Piper Accepts the Hogan Match/Austin vs. Mankind in a Barn-Burner

Issue #79 11/17/96
Survivor Series 1996/Bret Hart Defeats Steve Austin/Psycho Sid Wins the WWF Championship/Undertaker Defeats Mankind - ECW/WWF Angle Fails to Materialize

Issue #78 11/13/96
Weekend in Review

Issue #77 11/13/96
An Informal History of Wrestling Music: Part 3 by Jeff Yelton

Issue #76 11/11/96
Sting Interferes in Jarrett's Match/Stone Cold "Declines to Prosecute"/Mean Gene Returns to WCW

Issue #75 11/10/96
Summary of Bret Hart's Weekly Calgary Sun Column

Issue #74 11/7/96
Bret Hart on AOL

Issue #73 11/6/96
An Informal History of Wrestling Music: Part 2 by Jeff Yelton

Issue #72 11/4/96
Austin Goes to Pillman's House/Pillman Brandishes a Gun!/Piper/Hogan Match Signing In the Wind (maybe...)

Issue #71 11/3/96
Summary of Bret Hart's Weekly Column in the Calgary Sun

Issue #70 10/31/96
An Informal History of Wrestling Music: Part 1 by Jeff Yelton

Issue #69 10/30/96 - Lost in the shuffle! (sorry)

Issue #68 10/28/96
Monday Night is Okay - No Surprises

Issue #67 10/27/96
Halloween Havok - Hogan Retains The Title/Roddy Piper Appears at the PPV/Outsiders the New Tag Champs/Malenko Captures he Cruiserweight Title/WWF: Pillman Re-Injured in a Scuffle with Austin

Issue #66 10/26/96
Are Both Hogan and Savage WWF Bound?/Hennig Loses His Wrestling License/WWFLiveWire Raises Suspicions

Issue #65 10/21/96
Perfect Alliance is Born as HHH Wins the IC Title/Bret Hart to Stay with the WWF!!/Sting Faces the NWO but Doesn't Tip his Hand

Issue #64 10/20/96
WWF IYH - Undertaker Wins Match But Gets Buried Alive!/Marc Mero Retains Title over Goldust/Faarooq Injured by Ahmed before the Event/Tag Champs Retain Title over Gunns

Issue #63 10/19/96
Bret Hart Talks About His Future

Issue #62 10/15/96
Paul Heyman on Prodigy

Issue #61 10/14/96
Eric Bischoff on Prodigy/Denies the $4 Million Offer to Hart

Issue #60 10/14/96
Bret Hart Asks the Fans for Advice/Elizabeth Appeals to Savage via Videotape/Nasties Get the Shaft from the NWO/Vince McMahon to Host RAW Next Week

Issue #59 10/13/96
Bret Hart: The Four Million Dollar Man?/Godwins Pull Off Major Upset Over the Champs on Superstars/NWO Segment on WCW Saturday Night a Dud

Issue #58 10/9/96
Editorial: Can Hulk Hogan Turn Back?

Issue #57 10/7/96
Jeff Jarrett Arrives in WCW - Declares "NWO Can Stick It!"

Issue #56 10/5/96
Is Liz the "12th Man"?/McMahon Fields Tough Questions on LiveWire

Issue #55 10/5/96
"Razor" Makes His Wrestling Debut/Vince McMahon on AOL

Issue #54 9/29/96
Eric Bischoff Prodigy Chat - He Denies the Rumors About Dillon and the Horsemen/AWF Review from a Reader

Issue #53 9/28/96
Is J.J. Dillon Coming Back to Orchestrate the Four Horsemen's Response to the NWO?/Brett Hart Chat Session from AOL/Ric Flair and Scott Norton Injured in Japan/Sting May be Reconsidering his "Free Agency"

Issue #52 9/25/96
My Readers Take Me To Task - My comments about the possible ECW Invasion angle generates controversey

Issue #51 9/24/96
Another Viewpoint on the WWF's ECW Invasion angle

Issue #50 9/19/96
NWO Take Over Second Hour of Nitro/The Newest Member of the NWO is Virgil/"Wildman" Marc Mero wins the WWF IC Title/Two Ringers Appear at In Your House (and on RAW) as Diesel and Razor Ramon while Jim Ross Turns Heel (I Think)

Issue #49 9/19/96
Eric Bischoff on Prodigy Yet Again/Not everyone is happy about the WWF's new TV schedule

Issue #48 9/18/96
Editorial: Sting, We Hardly Knew Ye...

Issue #47 9/16/96
Sting Declares Himself a "Free Agent"/NWO Will Have Its Own TV Program/Monsoon Denies Ross' Story About Hall and Nash

Issue #46 9/15/96

Issue #45 9/14/96
AWF Begins Weekly TV Broadcasts Next Weekend

Issue #44 9/13/96
Gene Okerlund Said to Have Left WCW

Issue #43 9/11/96 - Lost in the shuffle! (sorry)

Issue #42 9/10/96
Editorial: Is Sting a Spy? Was that really Sting?

Issue #41 9/9/96
Sting's Defection Sends the NWO Angle to a Higher Plane/Ross Backpedals (Sort Of)

Issue #40 9/9/96

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Issue #39 9/8/96
Speculation Running Rampant Concerning Jim Ross's Statement on Friday Night

Issue #38 9/6/96
Diesal and Razor Ramon said to be returning to the WWF

Issue #37 9/4/96
Editorial: A Giant Ego?

Issue #36 9/2/96
THE GIANT IS THE FIFTH MAN/Bischoff Prodigy Chat

Issue #35 8/30/96
Odds and Ends/Dibiasi and the nWo

Issue #34 8/26/96
Ted DiBiase Appears on Nitro/RAW Pre-empted

Issue #33 8/25/96
The Trials and Tribulations of the WWF's Golden Boy and Girl/Hennig AOL Chat

Issue #32 8/22/96
Mankind Interview with Jim Ross on AOL

Issue #31 8/19/96
Flair/Anderson to combine with Sting/Lugaraagainst the Outsiders at War Games/Goldust wins Ahmed's Title Shot

Issue #30 8/12/96
Monday Night Report

Issue #29 8/11/96
Outsiders beat up Bootyman as a warning to Flair/The "Evil" Twin Scenerio

Issue #28 8/10/96 - Lost in the shuffle! (sorry)

Issue #27 8/5/96
Monday Night Report: NWO Lets WCW OFF with a Taunt/Outsiders No Show

Issue #26 8/3/96
Editorial: The nWo Kicks Butt Amid Swirling Paranoia

Issue #25 7/29/96
Outsiders Attack Stops the Show/Bulldog Brown's Heart Attack

Issue #24 7/26/96
Editorial: The Tangled Web (Ruminations on the nWo)

Issue #23 7/22/96
Monday Night Report

Issue #22 7/15/96
Monday Night Report

Issue #21 7/12/96
Editorial: Hulk Hogan as Heel

Issue #20 7/8/96
Monday Night Report

Issue #19 7/7/96
Hulk Hogan is the Third Outsider! Bash Report

Issue #18 7/3/96
Warrior still in the WWF after all (Prodigy Chat)

Issue #17 7/1/96
Monday Night Report

Issue #16 7/1/96
Rumors: Warrior out?/Hogan joins the Invasion Team?

Issue #15 6/24/96
Monday Night Report

Issue #14 6/22/96
The Perfect Referee

Issue #13 6/18/96
Brian Pillman Press Conference

Issue #12 6/17/96 - Lost in the shuffle! (sorry)

Issue #11 6/11/96
Monday Night Report

Issue #10 6/10/96
KOTR Predictions plus the Savage angle

Issue #9 6/4/96 - Lost in the shuffle! (sorry)

Issue #8 6/3/96
Monday Night Report

Issue #7 5/29/96
In Your House: Replay of a Bombed PPV

Issue #6 5/28/96
Scott Hall's appearance on Nitro

Issue #5 5/28/96
NITRO goes to Two Hours

Issue #4 5/27/96
The PPV that wasn't

Issue #3 5/21/96
Monday Night Report

Issue #2 5/14/96
Goldust/Giant/Sting ruminations

Issue #1 5/13/96
The HBK/Diana Smith controversy

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