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Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 1
May 13, 1996

Although I have been a fan (some might even say a mark) of Pro-Wrestling for about 40 years, this is my first attempt at publishing a Newsletter.

I felt that my input was needed because I noticed that most of the newsletters out there are published by young people. Not that I have any problem with that. On the contrary I think its great that these young editors feel strongly enough about the sport to get involved, and I applaud their valuable contribution to the education and entertainment of wrestling fans everywhere.

My point is that I feel I can contribute a more mature view based on my years of watching Pro-Wrestling. I hope to be able to relate the similarities and differences between today's wrestling and those of an earlier era.

Today's Topic: The HBK/Diana Smith controversy

Let me begin by saying that with certain reservations I think this is a great angle. Its certain to generate plenty of heat.

My reservations fall into two categories:

1. I assume that Vince and company have an ending scenario which will rescue HBK's reputation once this drama has been played out. Allegations of marital infidelity are taken very seriously in today's world. This kind of controversy could ruin an athlete's reputation in other areas of his life besides the damage that could be done to his image among the fans. Remember: the majority of the people who watch pro-wrestling, and certainly the rest of the public at large are not nessecarily aware of the degree of theatrics involved in these programs. If these allegations are taken as fact they could do untold damage to the HBK. Diana, the Bulldog and to Pro-Wrestling as an entertainment medium.

2. Pro-Wrestling is an entertainment medium. Little kids watch this stuff. There is a growing trend of parents watching wrestling with their children and taking them to live events. I have to say that I do find this kind of controversy a bit outside of what I would want my kids to interested in. I have the same reservations about the "machinations" (as VinnieMac puts it) of the "Golddust" character currently being adopted by young Dustin Rhodes. Not that I think that children should be shielded from "real world" subjects such as marital infidelity and alternate sexual identities, I just feel that these types of subjects need to be handled delicately and in good taste.

That's my take on the situation.

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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