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Solie's Monday Afternoon Extra

Volume 1, Issue 10
June 10, 1996

KTOR Predictions plus the Savage angle

This special edition is dedicated to my King of the Ring predictions. I've been looking at the way things are stacking up and have come to some conclusions which I am ready to reveal. I also have something to say about the Savage/Mongo/Greene angle in the WCW.

First of all, it's obvious to me that Vader will be in the final round. He is already in the semi's and he will face either Hawk Bradshaw or Snake Roberts. I don't forsee that either of these wrestlers will be able to defeat the Monster. Either of them might very well give him a run for his money - but in the end I believe Vader will be the man to beat in the final round.

Now lets look at the lower tier of the tournament. We have three talented heels, Owen Hart, Skip and Steve Austin. The rest are all faces. Since heel vs.heel generally doesn't generate much heat (and Vader is already established in the top tier) I would expect all three of them to lose their preliminary rounds. Especially because Austin will face Vega, who has already defeated him twice lately (both strap matches in IYH I and II). Skip vs. Mero is obvious - Mero has been getting a big push since he entered the WWF - Skip is a loser (he lost Sunny didn't he? Also Skip vs. Vader is ludicrous). So it comes down to which face will get the push.

On paper the most credible combatent is Yokozuna, and he could very well be the one - he defeated Vader in the first IYH card for instance.

This scenerio completely disregards the ACHITWWF factor however (anything can happen in the WWF...). The ACHITWWF factor makes Savio and Mark Mero credible at least in the marks' minds - so they can't be ruled out.

This scenerio sets up a face vs. face confrontation in the semi's - Savio vs. Mero or Yoko, unless Owen sneaks past Yoko in the prelim - but I just don't see that happening because (again) it sets up a possible heel vs. heel match in the final (Vader vs. Owen) - not a good formula to generate heat. Also Owen hasn't had much of a push lately and he's already been KOTR.

The last factor we need to consider is Yokozuna's win/loss record against Vader - he's lost mostly (one win that I know of at IYH I) - I'm afraid the fans would expect him to lose and that ending would be anti-climactic.

Therefore I would predict that either Savio Vega or Mark Mero will face Vader in the finals and will give a good match before going down to defeat. Vader will be King of the Ring.

Coach Savage

In the second issue of this newsletter I predicted that Kevin Greene and Mongo McMichaels would have Savage in their corner for what was then a rumored match vs. Flair and Arn. Now that my prediction has come true I can see that this whole "Savage the Wildman" storyline could be leading to the Macho Man's retirement as a wrestler in order to become either a broadcaster or a coach/manager. I still think its more likely that he will go back to broadcasting. His experience in the top eschelons as a wrestler would help him as a manger but I don't believe that he has the temperment. He is too volatile, he doesn't think straight in a crisis. The match at the PPV will be interesting if only to see if he will blow the match for Mongo/Greene via his impetuosity.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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