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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 2, Issue 103
January1, 1997

Ring Warriors to Air Web Broadcasts Beginning February 1!!

Here is a press release I recieved from Ring Warriors Pro-Wrestling. This is Gordon Solie's company folks!

Date: Wed, 1 Jan 1997 11:54:38 -0800


TAMPA - In a move that will forever change the way professional wrestling is seen by fans around the globe, World Superstars of Wrestling, Inc. (WSW), producers of the "Ring Warriors" pro wrestling television program, announced today that beginning February 1, 1997, a weekly "Best of Ring Warriors" television program will be available to wrestling fans worldwide through the company's Internet website at

In what will prove to be the next logical evolutionary step in the advancement of modern professional wrestling (following the path of conventional broadcast, cable TV and the current flux of pay per view events), the announcement concludes nearly six months of intense negotiations between WSW and the Florida based Web-Star, a subsidiary of Viatech Communications Group, Inc. of Ohio, Florida and Georgia, to create this unique joint venture project.

"Ring Warriors," the internationally syndicated version of New Japan Pro Wrestling, is currently seen through conventional broadcast methods in more than 100 countries outside of Japan, although it has not yet been seen in the Western Hemisphere.

However, beginning February 1, 1997, all that will change.

Utilizing video streaming technology developed by VDOnet Corporation of Palo Alto, California, in which high-quality video and audio moves through the Internet's relatively narrow pipelines, the "Best of Ring Warriors" webcast will be available to wrestling fans on a weekly basis, as computer users will be able to view the one hour programs in real time using the VDO player, which they will be able to download through the "Ring Warriors" website. Each show will air continuously, every hour on the hour for seven days. The joint venture allows WSW to be the first professional wrestling company to utilize this technology to distribute a regular weekly program.

"This is not only going to revolutionize wrestling, but the whole TV industry as well," claims Scott Crompton, head of Corporate Communications for Web-Star. "This project will illustrate to the entire TV industry that there is an alternative forum available to television producers, complete with paid sponsors. This is cutting edge technology, similar to what the cable industry was in its infancy. The major difference here, however, is you don't have to wait for the cable guy to come to your home and hook you up. All you need is a home computer."

Why "Ring Warriors?"

"Basically, it's a perfect match, " Crompton added. "We needed a high profile show to kick off with and we saw the opportunity provided to us by WSW. They were in the right place at the right time and so were we."

WSW President Hiro Matsuda had a slightly different spin on the subject. "This new technology gives us the unprecedented opportunity to bring 'Ring Warriors' to wrestling fans all over the world. The weekly 'Ring Warriors' telecasts have been extremely well-received wherever they have been made available, as we have enjoyed great success throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Indian sub-continent." He added "but now fans everywhere will be able to see wrestling's very best on a regular basis."

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While some of the stars of "Ring Warriors" may not necessarily be household names with fans in North America, many others will be quite familiar to fans because of their limited appearances with various United States-based wrestling companies and through their exposure on Japanese videotapes which are circulated through an underground network of fans around the globe.

"The 'Best of Ring Warriors' programs will allow wrestling fans to see many great matches never-before televised in North America, featuring such world renowned stars as The Great Muta, Jushin Thunder Lyger and Shinya Hashimoto," explained WSW Executive Vice President Howard Brody. "We describe 'Ring Warriors' as non nonsense pro wrestling for the serious fan and that's exactly what we deliver. These shows emphasize wrestling and athletic ability, which offers a great alternative to fans who prefer this style of wrestling. In essence, you can say we'll be making history without the histrionics."

To date, the English language version of "Ring Warriors" has been hosted by the legendary "Dean of Wrestling Commentators" Gordon Solie and the colorfully insightful Sir Oliver Humperdink.

However, in a maneuver which may well be as stunning as any suplex from the top rope, it was further announced that the two time former World Wide Wrestling Federation world heavyweight champion Bruno Sammartino, a man given the moniker as professional wrestling's one and only true "Living Legend", would join the internet broadcast team.

Plans call for Solie -- who brings his 40 plus years of professional wrestling announcing experience to the internet, including long stints with World Championship Wrestling and the now defunct Florida Championship Wrestling -- to remain as the 'Ring Warriors" play-by-play man, while Sammartino takes over the duties as color analyst, a role he held previously with both the World Wrestling Federation and the now defunct Universal Wrestling Federation. Humperdink, meanwhile whose wrestling career has been highlighted as a manager, will move from the color chair into an expanded role created specifically for the internet, in which he will host a feature segment focusing on the 'Ring Warriors" motto of "Pride, Discipline and Tradition, " in which he will give an interesting look at wrestling through interviews with various personalities from the past and present.

"I'm absolutely delighted," said Solie from his home in New Port Richey, Florida, at the prospect of working with Sammartino for the first time in his career. "It gives us another perspective that I think we can only benefit from. Let's face it, here's a guy who's sold out Madison Square Garden more times than anyone else in history and that's not an easy feat to do. I think he brings us the type of credibility we need in order for 'Ring Warriors' to be as much a success on the internet as it has been on television around the world."

Considering it's no secret that Sammartino has been standoffish about getting involved with any wrestling organization whatsoever, some may wonder what it took for him to be lured back into the wrestling fold?

Sammartino explained it this way: "A lot of people over the last few years have asked me to become involved with their organizations, claiming they wanted to bring wrestling back to the way it was when I wrestled, but I just didn't see it happening. How could I put my seal of approval on something I didn't believe in? Then I saw a tape of 'Ring Warriors' and after watching the way the wrestlers worked and how Gordon and Humperdink carried the message, I saw something for the first time in years that I would be proud to attach my name to. It's been a long time before something has excited me in the wrestling business as much as this product does. And I think if it's done the way I saw it in the tape, the fans here (U.S.) will love this formula. I just hope I can contribute, because it has all the ingredients of a real winner."

The premiere show will run for two weeks on a "free trial" basis. Thereafter, computer users can continue to see new episodes of "Ring Warriors" each week for monthly or yearly subscription fees or on a per view basis.

Further details can be obtained through the company's website at in the coming weeks.


This is really big news...and you can bet that Solie's Wrestling Newsletter will be right there to cover it.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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