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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 2, Issue 108
January 12, 1997

Weekend Review

Shotgun Saturday Night Report

by Garland Chan

Correction: Solie's reader and contributer, Jeff Yelton, pointed out a few factual inaccuracies in the Bret Hart column from last night. First of all, Bret did not win the first Royal Rumble in 1989, in fact it was won by Hacksaw Duggan in 1988. Second, Bret didn't even participate in the 1989 Royal Rumble, he was in a six man tag match that night. Third it was the 1995 Survivor Series which saw Hart regain the WWF Title from Diesel (the real one) not the Royal Rumble as implied in the article.

I have contacted Rudy Van Koll, who assures me that he quoted Hart's column correctly. I suppose if you have been knocked around as much as Hart has in his career, you could be excused for having a faulty memory. I wouldn't be surprised if Bret subsequently issues a correction. We will report it if he does.

If any of you would like to contact Hart for clarification he can be reached at:

Bret Hart c/o The Calgary Sun
2615 12 St NE
Calgary Alberta
T2E 7W9

WCW Main Event

The program starts with a review of the Sting/Giant episode from the last Nitro broadcast. Heenan is finally admitting that Sting probably isn't a member of the NWO. They also re-broadcast the excellent match-up between Dean Malenko and Eddie GueRoyal Rumbleero from last weeks WCWSN.

I do believe we're going to find out that Piper was spouting Gaelic (the ancient language of the Irish and Scots) on the gurney after the NWO attack last week. I owe this suggestion to a reader who's message I accidently deleted, otherwise I would have given credit by name...sorry.

The incredible chutzpah of Jeff Jarrett to refer to Double A as "...the horses rear-end..." was reviewed along with the ensuing melee. I've already given my opinion on this sad.

The Clash of the Champions (coming up on the 21st) is shaping up to be a pretty good card and a worthy pre-cursor to the NWO Souled Out PPV following a week or so later. Scott Hall vs. Lex Lugar, Benoit vs. Sullivan, Liger vs. Ultimo Dragon, Lord Regal vs. Misterio are the highlights. There will also be a classic Lucha Libra style six-man tag match featuring some of the Mexican stars. Well worth the price (it's free folks!)

I don't usually make predictions (because I'm usually wrong!) but I will go out on a limb and predict that the Benoit/Sullivan/Sullivan triangle will turn out to be a set-up of Benoit by Nancy and Kevin...

Super Calo vs. La Parka was the feature contest - two of the larger stars from South of the border. Excellent match.

WWF LiveWire

The big story of the morning is, of course the Royal Rumble and Sid's attack on Pete Lothario during the recent RAW broadcast. Jim Ross and Doc Hendrix are the hosts today. Faarooq (Ron Simmons) is the in-studio guest (it was announced as the entire NOD crew last week but apparently the plans changed - anything can happen in the...etc.)

JR states early on, in answer to a question, that the Ultimate Warrior will not be returning to the WWF anytime soon - he implies that he is in a position to know.

We see a scene from Shotgun Saturday Night in which Ahmed Johnson (Tony Norris) is attacked by the Nation of Domination as he is on the verge of winning against Crush. He gets brained with a chair, then Goldust and the Godwins come in to make the save. Ahmed then storms out and puts his finisher on one of the NOD on top of a car. Great stuff!!

Faarooq invites a male caller to "send in for the literature" to join the NOD - then puts the same invite to a woman caller...

Faarooq walks off moments later after objecting to one of Doc's questions.

JR announces that Terry Funk will be in the Royal Rumble.

WCW Saturday Night

Dusty is still implying that the Giant is the son of Andre...shame on him!

We get Super Calo vs. Alex Wright for the opener. Calo looks pretty big when he's matched up against one of the other Mexican cruiserweights. Next to Wright we get a better idea of his stature. He's double-tough despite his size disadvantage. I've seen Alex have an easier time against much larger opponents. Nonetheless he wins this one.

This newcomer Tombstone is a real bruiser. Looks like he might be related to Jake Roberts - he has the same facial structure and the eyes are exactly the same. He gets what should be more even competition from Ice Train on this week's program (Lex Lugar creamed him on Nitro last week). Still he loses it fairly quickly to the Train.

Jimmy Hart accompanied Hugh Morrus to the ring for a change for his squash match against the Cheetah Kid. Morrus seems to be getting a well deserved push these days.

DDP and Bobby Eaton had an excellent match. The announcers are still speculating about whether Page is going NWO...I guess they didn't see yesterday's interview :)...DDP won the hard fought match with, you guessed it, a Diamond Cutter.

Mexican Psychosis (I notice they have now anglicized the spelling of his name) starts up a "USA" chant at the beginning of his TV Title match against Lord Steven Regal. He has some size, is a fairly talented mat wrestler and an excellent high flyer - gives Regal all he can handle. He wrestles a uncharacteristically cautious match here - good strategy. The he takes too long with a splash off the top rope and gets caught. Regal loses the match by DQ (he pulled the ref into his opponent) but retains the title. You have to give Regal credit, he has been a fighting champion - he readily agreed to give Psychosis another shot.

Dusty is predicting a "new" Four Horsemen in 1997. I'd listen to him...he has clout at WCW.

Disco Inferno gets tangled up and pinned by Mike Enos while trying to figure out his new "leg-lock" finisher. What a maroon...

"The World According to Debra"..??? Give me some kind of major break!!

Powers/Walker vs. Renegade/Gomez...who cares?

The clash of the Juniors - Rey Misterio vs. Chavo Guerrero - another excellent match. Chavo has just enough size to be competitive against his more talented opponent. Rey keeps missing his Frankensteiner and getting powerbombed. He finally hits it after a springboard off the top rope and gets the win.

Amazing French Canadians vs. Harlem Heat - the hits just keep coming today! It is clear that WCW has decided to make this Saturday program the showcase for it's stars to rival the one that Nitro is swiftly turning into for the NWO. As usual in this match (how many times have we seen it now?) the Canadians have the superior teamwork but the Heat have overwhelming talent. Talent tells in the end.

Shotgun Saturday Night

This week Solie's welcomes our newest contributor, Solie's Seattle Correspondent Garland Chan, with a report on Shotgun Saturday Night. Garland is currently a student at the University of Washington.

Emanating from the All Star Cafe at Times Square in New York City.

Intro with the Honky Tonk Man.

Coming out of Limo are Marc Mero and Sable.

Commentators: Vince McMahon with Sunny in a "Shotgun Saturday Night" T-shirt and a short green skirt dancing on the table.

Todd Pettengill reports that the Sisters of Love were arrested for solicitation. They show footage of the Sisters soliciting on 42nd and Broadway on Times Square earlier that day. Suddenly two undercover officers come out and arrest them. They are incarcerated and will not be at SSN. No substitute has yet been mentioned for the match against Furnas and LaFon.

First Match: "Wildman" Marc Mero vs. Diesel

Sunny continues to make the promise of showing her home videos. Diesel attacks from behind, hits an elbow, goes to the outside and eyes Sable. Diesel approaches her and she throws cake in Diesel's face! Mero comes out of the ring and controls the match. They go back into the ring and it's all Mero until he runs into Diesel's big foot. Diesel controls the match with his usual brawling tactics. He absolutely mauls Mero until he gets knocked out of the ring. Then Razor Ramon comes out and attacks Mero behind the official's back. Sable screams in protest while Razor continues his attack until Rocky Maivia comes out to make the save. We cut to a break. After the break, Diesel still controls the action. Promise of the Honky Tonk Man and Pettengill singing in a duet is made during the match. Diesel gets a couple of two-counts after some power moves. Eventually, Diesel throws Mero down with a body slam and Diesel goes somewhere Kevin Nash has never been before (at least not to my recollection). Diesel goes to the top rope and connects with a nice looking clothesline! After more of a beating by Diesel, he irish whips Mero to the ropes and Mero wants to go for his patented "opponent goes for a side suplex and I reverse it to a flying head scissors" move, but they blow the move. Diesel improvises with a weird looking spike slam. Diesel throws Mero again and this time Mero connects. Marc takes control of the match and hits the Merosault. It looks like he would get the pin, but Mero sees that the Honky Tonk Man is arguing with Sable and he comes out of the ring. Diesel comes out and attacks Mero, rolls him into the ring and a jackknife latter, 1-2-3. Diesel wins it! After the match Mero blames Sable for the loss and leaves Sable in the ring alone! Honky tries to come out to try to console Sable, but she looks afraid. Rocky Maivia comes out to rescue Sable from Honky. Honky leaves the ring, Rocky consoles Sable and Mero comes back to confront Rocky! Mero pushes Rocky and they exchange a few blows until officials break it up.

Time of match: 13:46

Evaluation: Not a bad match. The new Diesel is wrestling pretty well tonight. A surprising upset.

*** of 5

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We get "mug" shots of the Sisters of Love. Not pretty. We see their faces and it doesn't look like the Headbangers. I could be wrong. McMahon announces that the Headbangers will take their place against Furnas and LaFon.

Savio Vega is already in the ring and the PG-13 and Faarooq Assad of the Nation of Domination comes out to their music in preparation of Faarooq's match.

Second Match: Savio Vega vs. Faarooq Assad

We come back from a commercial with the match already in progress. Faarooq controls the match with chin locks and feet on the rope. He controls the match until they hit a double clothesline. Promises of Sunny's home sex video is to be shown at the end of the match. Todd Pettengill gets a predictions from one of the audience members of who is going to be the person making love to Sunny. Vega gains control of the match, and eventually hits a nice side russian leg sweep. Several nice crisp chops and a spin kick later, Vega gets a close two count. Wolfie D distracts the referee, then J.C Ice attacks Vega from behind. Faarooq takes over. Savio eventually takes over with a Stone Cold Stunner, but a missed charge by Savio and a spinebuster later, 1-2-3. Faarooq gets the easy victory.

Time of match: 5:47+

Evaluation: Squash central. Not really anything we haven't seen before in previous encounters.

**1/2 of 5

Sunny's home video.

Sunny is shown with a toy "Tickle Me Elmo" in her hands on a bed. She teases the audience with she could possibly make love with every night. A big "Fondle Me Elmo" comes out and she seduces him and they get into bed. She takes off his shorts. Sunny claps twice and the lights go out. Strange noises is heard in the background implying they're making love, but we can't see anything. She claps twice again and the lights go on with Sunny holding a sheet to cover her body. Nothing really to see.

Honky Tonk Man and Todd Pettengill are prepping to sing.

They're ready to sing. Pettengill sings first. Then Honky sings. The crowd actually seems to be into it. Honky seems to be losing his voice and his rhythm as the song goes along. Fans chant HONKY, HONKY, HONKY after the song. Pettengill is not a bad singer.

Third match: Razor Ramon vs. Rocky Maivia

Razor's already in the ring when Rocky comes to the ring. Razor attacks from behind. Rocky then quickly gains control with a swift dropkick and a nice looking drop toe hold. Maivia gets a headlock takedown and we cut to a break. After the break, Razor is in control. Honky seems to be distracting Rocky. Rocky gets some shots in, but Razor hits with a hard clothesline and a stiff elbow. A chin lock wears Rocky down until he changes it into an arm lock. Razor starts to slap his head around. Razor throws Rocky out of the ring and Honky attacks Maivia. Rocky climbs back into the ring and Razor goes for a Razor's edge, but Rocky back body drops his opponent. Razor takes control with a rake to the face and goes for a body slam, but Rocky escapes through the back door, picks up Razor and hits his shoulderbreaker. Rocky hooks the leg and gets the 1-2-3. Rocky Maivia takes hard earned victory.

Time of match: 7:00

Evaluation: A fairly well worked match. Moves looked crisp and Rocky looks better every time he wrestles.

*** of 5

Todd Pettengill is outside the cafe and talking about real estate with cardboard shelters in the background. He pulls some cardboard and Nikoli Volkoff appears.

Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon are in the ring ready for their match and we hear the Headbanger's music is playing. Vince McMahon announces that Goldust is pregnant and they show him pregnant looking on the cover of a Vanity Fair magazine. They announce that he will give birth live at the Lenox Hill Hospital during SSN.

Fourth match: Doug Furnas and Phillip LaFon vs. Headbangers

Mosh and Thrasher are the substitutes and the match is already underway after the break. I thought the Headbangers ARE the Sisters of Love/Flying Nuns. Either I'm wrong or they're going to try to play two tag teams (nice way to quickly increase the number of tag teams, I guess). A nice double team clothesline is hit by Thrasher and he gets a two-count before we go to another break. After the break, Todd Pettengill is outside advertising the next SSN at San Antonio, Texas. Goldust is promised to "give birth" there. We go back to the match and LaFon is delivering some good moves on Mosh. For the first time, the crowd really seems to be into the matches. LaFon delivers a stunning DDT from a hip toss attempt by Mosh and Thrasher interrupts the count. All four get into the ring and we have a pier six brawl. McMahon states that they are in "overtime" and have to go off the air. He promises to show the ending of the match next week.

Time of match: ?

Evaluation: A good match. Probably the best one of the night. These teams seem to work together pretty well. Too bad we couldn't see the rest of it.

? of 5 stars

A good program. Not a great one. Too bad none of their main superstars could make it tonight. I wonder..?

Is Marc Mero turning heel? What was Nikoli Volkoff doing on the program? Is the WWF seriously considering playing with the possibility of making two tag teams out of one?

End of Report.

Garland Chan reporting from The University of Washington.

Thanks Garland, you done us proud. A great report!

WWF SuperStars

The feature match this morning is Bret Hart vs. The Sultan (Fatu). Jim Ross and the Honky Tonk Man are in the broadcast position.

Goldust vs. The Executioner (Terry Gordy) is the opener. It's weird to see Dustin as the face in a match. This match has the makings of a squash - Gordy is a has-been (and never had that much going for him except size and heart), Rhodes is at the top of his game. Still, Gordy manages to dominate the bulk of the match right up until he tries a piledriver and gets it reversed - Goldy returns the favor and gets the win. Afterward Paul Bearer brains his man with the urn.

A scene from last night's SSN shows Todd Pettingill in a truely tasteless demonstration of his antipathy for the plight of the homeless in New York city in the dead of winter. He finds Nicolai Volkov, freshly barbered and in a loud suit, supposedly living in a packing box. Tsk, Tsk...

T.A. Hopper (Tony Anthony) blows a chance to win a match for a change against AAA rookie Hector Garza Jr. (the son of Mexican great, Hector Garza). Garza is one of the few AAA high flyers who doesn't wear a mask. He executes a standing backflip-splash to get the pin.

In the feature match, Bret Hart dominates the early going. Fatu is a veteren and has his moments - I can't figure out he can possibly get enough air through that mask he wears. Towards the close of the match, Hart suckers his opponent into running his shoulder into the ringpost. He starts to apply the Sharpshooter but the Sheik distracts him, then trips him, which gets his man DQ'd.

After the match Steve Austin hits the ring, and the Hitman - then proceeds to "Pillmanize" his ankle. Hart has to be helped from the ring. More news on his injury is promised for tomorrow night on RAW.

Personally I can't believe they will try to use this as an excuse to keep Bret out of the Royal Rumble. Seems to me like it would affect the buy rates adversely...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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