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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 2, Issue 109
January 13, 1997

Monday Night Wars Edition

Hogan Wrestles the Giant on Nitro...and Beyond

Nitro Report

The Giant goes berserk and breaks into the NWO locker room. He is hustled out by security and various NWO hangers-on. Apparently Hogan has refused to give the Giant his Title shot at Souled Out.

Editors Note: Tony mentioned tonight that the babble coming out of Pipers mouth was Gaelic - a good call "tip of the hat" goes out to Mike Irwin, who gave me this information last week.

Chavo Guerrero vs. JL - pretty even match here. JL has the experience edge - wrestling skills, size etc. they are about the same. Chavo's lack of experience tells as he is repeatedly knocked off the top turnbuckle. He finally gets up there and wins with a moonsault press.

Jim Duggan throws a challange out to Sting as he heads for the ring. We all know what happens when someone does that. Sure enough, as Duggan is strutting around with the flag, Sting sneaks up on him and puts him down with the reverse DDT.

Time for a standby match...

Chris Jericho vs. Craig Pittman - this one lasts just a little longer than the previous one. Jericho makes short work of the Pit Bull with a drop kick off the top rope right in the mush.

Harlem Heat vs. High Voltage - this one has a lot of squash potential (sorry Troy...) The Giant breaks into the NWO dressing room again and is ejected...again. Hogan, Eric and company discuss it with a collective smirk...

Meanwhile back in the ring, High Voltage has gained some ground but can't hold onto it. While Chaos pounds on Booker T in the corner, Stevie Ray slips underneath him and lifts him up for their double-team finisher. Squash city - cut to commercial.

The NWO takes over the broadcast booth as the announcers are telling us that the WCW Executive Committee is meeting to make a ruling on Hogan's decision not to face the Giant.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Mark Starr - DDP makes his entrance as the NWO guys cheer him on. Forget the match - the Outsiders come down to welcome Page into the organization. He embraces them both and accepts an NWO T-shirt. Then he puts the Diamond Cutter on both of them!!! The NWO declares him a marked man and abandon the broadcast position.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko - non-Title match - the announcers are too busy speculating on what the Exec Committee will decide to pay any attention to this match. The match itself is pretty pedestrian - Eddie is mat wrestling his opponent to a stalemate. Meanwhile the Executive Committee has decided that Hogan has to face the Giant tonight!! Unfortunately it will be a non-title contest. The announcer imply that Hogan can be stripped of the belt if he refuses the match (never heard that rule...)

In the ring, Malenko has taken the advantage. Syxx shows up with his ladder and plants it in the aisle. Eddie is back in charge for a moment then it see-saws a few times. Malenko gets knocked down and stunned - now Eddie spots Syxx and gets distracted. Thats all Dean he's approaching Guerrero from behind...the signal suddenly goes out...we come back in time to see that Malenko has won the match...can't tell you how it happened.

The second hour begins with a replay of the Giant's assault on the NWO dressing room (the first one).

Super Calo vs. Konan - this one starts out looking like classic Lucha Libre action - very fast paced as Calo dominates the match. Then Konan asserts himself and slows the pace down to his power-wrestling speed. After that its all down-hill for Super Calo. He succombs to a bridge-suplex that drops him right on the back of his neck.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Benoit - this is a real knock-down-drag-out affair until the rest of the Horsemen (minus Flair) come down to help Benoit out. The end comes when Mongo attempts to whack Jarrett with the Haliburton case. His wife distracts him and he ends up hitting Benoit instead. Debra appears to be delighted at the outcome.

Horsemen interview - Benoit is upset with Mongo - accuses him of dropping the ball. Then he tells Debra that Nancy is "all woman" implying that Debra is, shall we say, cosmetically enhanced..? Mongo apologizes for his slip-up then calls Benoit out. Benoit tells the rest of the Horsemen to get their act together and leaves with Woman. Arn is all flustered, he reminds us that he has a match with Rick Steiner later (...can't we all just get along..?) Cut to commercial.

Scotty Riggs vs. Billy Kidman - first time we've seen Riggs since Bagwell jumped ship...not that we've missed him. Riggs outweighs his opponent but the Kid Man is a genuine talent.

Bagwell appears on the ramp to scout his former partner. In the ring, Kidman goes for a Shooting Star press and misses it - allowing Riggs the chance to win the match with a "Perfect Plex" (Bagwell's finisher).

Lex Lugar vs. a real ugly jobber (Rick Fuller) - Fuller has the weight advantage and puts it to good use in the opening moments. Lugar takes it for about 30 seconds then comes back strong and racks the big guy.

On his way back to the dressing room (did anyone else notice Lugar slapping hands with the girl in the NWO T-shirt) he meets the Giant who is on his way to the ring for an interview. They circle each other warily then the Giant continues on to the ring. Mean Gene with the Giant - he wants the Hogan (and the Title) real bad . He vows to close the book on Hulkamania tonight...for good. Cut to commercial.

With less than 15 minutes left in the program we're ready for the big main lets have Arn Anderson against Rick Steiner instead. Scotty leads his brother to the ring on a leash. This contest has great potential - two consummate pro-wrestlers, two very tough competitors, two wily veterens. Unfortunately the potential is never realized because Arn keeps looking up the aisle for his back-up troups...who aren't showing up. There's an arguement going on back in the Horsemens' dressing room. Arn abandons the match to go see whats going on and gets counted out.

It is announced that TNT will continue coverage of the Hogan/Giant match during commercial breaks in the next program, a debut series called "The New Adventures of Robin Hood"...great...

Mean Gene with the Steiners - Scotty hogs the mic to tell the Outsiders to watch themselves at Souled Out. He says he's 100% and they are dead meat. Cut to commercial.

With six minutes left in the program NWO music is playing as we come back. The entire NWOshows up for this one. Hogan takes his time getting to the ring. Obviously whatever we see of this match will be during the next program. This sucks...

The Giant enters to no music and chases Hogan out of the ring. Hogan grabs a mic and taunts the Giant. But he gets careless and gets manhandled into the ring. Its all Giant until Hogan manages to roll out of the ring. He tries to leave but the Giant grabs him and drags him back to the ring...cut to "The New Adventures of Robinhood".

Robin is relaxing while Friar Tuck explains the job of a cartographer to Little John. Robin's female companion (Made Marion?) wears an impossibly (for that era) short skirt and looks like some kind of warrior woman/tart.

Meanwhile, some barbarians are raiding a country village...looks like a job for Robin Hood (I guess). They snatch a comely young damsel and split. Robin and company show up - they leave the good friar behind at the village while they pursue the bad guys (isn't this fun..?) Cut to series intro and credits. Apparently this version of RH is some kind of magical being (why not?)

They tell us that they will return to the match during the next commercial break - I get it...this is a come on to get us to watch this new series (replacing Hogan's "Thunder in Paradise" - I wonder if Piper in on the show...didn't I hear he has a series/movie deal with Turner..?)

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This Robin Hood doesn't wear green...this is really weird. Marion distracts the mongol guards so that Robin and Little John can wreak havoc in the villians' camp (nice clothesline!) Now Robin shows us some Bruce Lee moves (I didn't know they had martial arts in 17th century England...)

Back to the match - the Giant is chopping Hgan from piller to post. Hogan gets in a low blow but it has no effect. The Giant continues to stalk the Champion - he stuffs his bandana in Hogan's mouth - cut to commercial. Apparently we get Robin Hood, the match and commercials...aren't we lucky..?

I guess I'll start typing up my notes while I wait for the next match snippet...

We're back and we are now 40 minutes into the match. I figure they've got to be resting during the breaks because we all know that neither of these guys can go more than about 15...

The Giant is ready to chokeslam Hogan when the rest of the NWO hit the ring - the Giant fights them all off and Hogan and company are retreating as the bell sounds - cut to commercial.

No doubt we'll hear next week about how Hogan whipped the Giant's butt...

RAW Report

The Undertaker vs. Crush is announced as the main event.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley/Jerry Lawler vs. Marc Mero/Goldust - the latter seems like a highly unlikely team at best. The former are a couple of duds in my book. Sable and the Wild Man seem to have made up since their arguement on Saturday night.

The action explodes right away - two on two. Goldust/Mero clear the ring. Dustin seems pretty upset with Helmsley. Mero and the King start the match - Lawler keeps slipping out of the ring to avoid a real confrontation with the Wild Man. Goldust really wants to get int there with Hunter, but of course they delay that confrontation as long as they can. Even when he legitimately is in with the King he chases after Hunter. Meanwhile Helmsley and the King can't seem to get their teamwork together. Hunter puts his foot up and Lawler runs his own head into it, etc. Cut to commercial.

We're back and Mero is in with Helmsley. Moments later Goldust gets tagged in and we watch the fur fly. He's all over "Mr. Bignose" He ties his opponent up in the ropes and starts choking him out. The King tries to interfere and gets knocked on his can. Goldust won't let up and gets his team disqualified. The Wild Man pulls him off and gets socked on the jaw - which doesn't seem to affect him at all...the King and the IC Chump slink away...

Cut to Shawn Michaels in San Antonio, surrounded by fans and waiting to come on for an interview. Cut to an interview with Sid taped earlier from the arena - he's the ruler and the master of the world -yatta, yatta...cut to commercial.

HBK interview - he's confident in the bosom of his family and friends and looking forward to the big match this weekend.

Bret Hart limps to the ring area in street clothes as we review the attack on him by Steve Austin on yesterday's Superstars (see Issue #108). He's here to provide commentary on the next match.

The Brittish Bulldog vs. Rocky Maivia - Maivia is looking good against the veteren powerhouse, in fact, Bulldog seems to be getting frustrated with his lack of success against his rookie opponent. At ringside Hart and Honky Tonk Man are disagreeingabout the level of lawlessness currently running rampant in the WWF.

Owen Hart comes down and plants himself between Bret and the ring just before we cut to commercial.

We're back and Bulldog has the upperhand. Owen is still standing in front of his brother - Vince seems to be trying to precipitate a dustup between the two...

In the ring the Bulldog continues to dominate the action. Maivia escapes and the two collide head on. Both go down. Maivia wins a slug fest after they regain their feet, then he clotheslines the Bulldog over the top and tumbles out along with him. As the Bulldog regains his feet he is clipped from behind by Steve Austin who appears as usual out of nowhere. Bret would intervene but his brother blocks him. Austin puts a Stunner on the Bulldog then retreats. Bret gets past Owen and limps-out after Stone Cold who is backing away up the aisle. They disappear into the backstage area. Oh yeah, Rocky won the match on a count out.

We cut to Faarooq and the NOD thugs. Simmons starts to disagree with a statement by McMahon to the effect that the NOD will be fighting against each other at the Royal Rumble but the lights go out and the Undertakers music plays. Cut to commercial.

Undertaker vs. Crush - UT is in the ring as we return, his music is still playing. NOD music plays and the whole gang accompanies Crush to the ring. The Undertaker comes out and attacks Crush in the aisle as the NOD scatter. They're in the ring and Crush comes on strong at first, but UT takes over almost immediately. Undertaker does his rope-walking schtick and gets shaken off by Faarooq. It doesn't seem to slow UT down though. He drags Crush back into the ring by his ears!!

Crush turns the tables and manages to get a piledriver on his opponent then drags him over to the apron and drops an elbow on his windpipe (ouch!!). Outside the ring Cruch slams the Undertaker then smashes him into the steps. Back in the ring he keeps the pressure up. Vader is seen scouting the match from the entryway as we cut to commercial.

We're back and Crush is still on top. He beats on UT repeatedly then tries to deliver a fist from the second rope and misses. UT goes for the Tombstone but Crush wriggle out of the hold before it can be put on. He downs the Undertaker then prepares to deliver a Heart Punch. UT blocks it and grabs Crush by the throat. That's enough for the NOD - they attack along with Vader. Undertaker is layed out and Vader bombs him twice before Ahmed Johnson runs in with the 2X4 - they gang up on him and are using the board on Ahmed as we fade to black...

A strange evening indeed...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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