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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 11
June 11, 1996

Nitro Report

The program opens with a review of the Razor/Sting confrontation from last weeks show then right into the opening contest.

Scott Steiner vs. Booker T (Harlem Heat). Great match to start with - the bigger Steiner against the smaller Harlem Heat. Great contrast in styles - very physical match as would be expected. Steiner eventually capitalizes on a missed high-risk move to win with a belly to belly suplex.

Next up - Jim Powers vs. DDP. Extended squash match - Powers looks good - always did. He jobbed throughout his career - still jobbing. DDP with a Diamond Cutter. Review of Taskmaster/Benoit feud again. Pilman is mentioned and shown during his shoot. Looks like Benoit will be out of the Horsemen soon. Cut to commercial.

Come back to a Konan video - Konan did look impressive in the match against Thunder Liger - then the real thing. Konan's interview style is reminiscent of Tito Santana. Seems sincere - straightforward tough guy.

Sting vs. Meng - it almost rhymes. Meng beat the crap out of our boy for several minutes. Sting kept his wits about him and capitalized on Mengs precarious perch just prior to a high-flying move. Dropped him spreadeagle on the top rope. As Meng lay face-down on the mat, Sting picked up his legs and puts him in a Scorpion Deathlock to win. Cut to commercial.

Back to Mean Gene with Debra McMichaels and the Brain back stage - she wants to talk to Flair - I must have missed something a while ago when I had to answer the phone. She follows Bobby into Flairs dressingroom we see the Horsemen and Horsegirls, the door slams shut - we hear screams. The door opens and out comes Debra in tears, Horsemen spill out and attack the tag team getting ready for a later match (Renegade and Joe Gomez).

Duggan vs. Dave Taylor - just as this one really gets under way it is announced that Arn and Flair will meet Sting and Luger for the belts in a surprise match later in the next hour. I guess Sting is mad because they beat up the jobbers. Oh yeah...Duggan hits Taylor with a taped fist. End of story.

Next the Big John Tenta saga is retold. I don't like the way they have that Biker guy is waving those scissors around, spinning them on his finger like a pistol...what can Bishoff be thinking of??? This program airs at 5PM on the west coast...what kind of example is that to set for children???? This is even worse then that Goldust least that doesn't happen before 9PM!!

Giant vs. Norton - another squash. Lugar runs in and attacks and then is repelled. Giant lays into him on the floor. Lugar comes back with a kick, then finds a metal pot to hit the big man with (where did that come from?). He bashes the Giant a couple more times and then heads for the broadcast booth. While the Giant gathers his friends around him and bellows, Lugar throws out a challange saying "...the gloves are off..." etc. and mentions "surprises". I've got it! - Razor and Diesel are going to interfere in the match on Sunday to make Lugar the Champ. Then he will be the third WWF invader, starting out as the Heavyweight Champion right out of the box! Stay tuned!

Regal vs. Billy Kidman - Is this guy's name a take-off on the 123 Kid? Just Kidding!! The "Kidman" tries a double somersault and misses, "...splashes his brain all over the mat..." as Bishoff so delicately puts it. Regal steps on Kiddy's head and applies a stump-puller for a submission win. Poor kid.

Nasties vs PE - what again?? In my opinion both teams are a disgrace - the Nasties are definately the tougher team, and smarter...the Public Enemy are more intrinsically violent. But in reality they are Tweedledee and Tweedledummer. Oh hum... (cut to commercial)

Nobody really knows what this Glacier thing is all about, I'm convinced of that - don't let anyone fool you...

Meanwhile more Nasties/PE. My God! Its actually back in the ring...well, not for long. Rocco goes out and gets a garbage can - but loses control of it immediately...Nasties won I think...Public Enemy needs to go to the WWF to make a name for themselves.

Cut to the HH ad. Doesn't this guy realize that "absence makes the heart grow fonder"? With these commercials he nevers seems to have gone away...oh, I forgot, it's all about Television ratings isn't it...never mind.

Review of the NFL guys progress with the Macho Man.

Here comes Sting and Lugar...this should be good. Arn and Flair arrive with the girls. Fast and furious action ensues with Sting/Lugar dominating. Heenan is freaking out on the sidelines over his team's lack of coordination and the Macho Man's involvement in the upcoming match. He knows he's going to get hurt. Arn and Flair are clearly in disarray as we go to commercial.

Back to the match. Rick Flair is demented, why doesn't this old soldier just fade away. Eventually he gets some breathing room from Sting's onslaught and tags in Andersen. They manage to control things for a while but Sting keeps coming back. Flair goes for a suplex but his back gives out. Stings turns it around...Bobby is still freaking. Cut to commercial.

Back at it. Arn and Flair are ganging up on Sting. Lugar gets in and cleans house...then the Giant shows up and starts to beat on Lugar. Scotty Steiner and Sting show up with chairs - its three on one against the Giant. The Giant bellows some more...Heenan is really wigged out now. He storms off.

Oops! Here comes Razor again. Bishoff taunts him, "Where are your other guys?" Diesel shows up behind Eric. They talk trash while Bishoff wets his pants (figuretively), at least he doesn't mouth their speeches like he did last week!! In fact he invites them to the Bash PPV. I might have to buy that one...not!

Raw Report

The King shows his "peace offering", a painting of the warrior - its not bad for a cartoon - he should have done it on black velvet though.

First up - Yokozuna vs. Owen Heart (KOTR qualifier) - I guess we'll see how my predictions pan out...oops! How embarrasing. Owen wins by taking advantage of Yoko's fall from the second rope. That means Owen will face Mark Mero in the quarterfinals after the "Wildman" beats Skip later tonight...or maybe I should just keep my mouth shut.

"Wildman" Mark Mero vs. Skip (of the BodyDonnas) - Jake The Snake in the announcer's role, he talks about his religion. Who doesn't believe that the Snake won't take one last heel turn before he hangs it up? The match is competitive, Candido can stay with the best of them. He dominates as we go to commercial.

Skip still in control as we return, but he can't put the "Wildman" away. Mero turns the tide briefly but then manages to throw himself over the top rope to the floor. Skip tries a flying over-the-top-rope move that lands him in the same predicament when he misses his target. Mero drags him back inside and Frankinsteiners him from the top rope. Mero with a pinfall. At least I got this one right.

Next week's quarterfinal matches announced: Austin vs. Vega and Owen vs. Mero. Cut to a Monday Night Nitro advertisement!

Weee're baaack! The Ultimate Warrior comes out in a hat. Lawler makes his "presentation", the Warrior seems touched (or is that "tetched"), the big dummy lets the Burger King blindside him with the portrait - candyglass flying everywhere...(who could have predicted that??) Cut to another WCW ad.

We return to a replay of the attack. Bulldog makes his entrance as we review the IYH controversy via the magic of videotape. Why doesn't anybody ever mention that HBK had the hold on the Bulldog? Diana, Cornette and Owen are in the ring.

The Undertaker makes his entrance, Shawns appears on the inset screen from the studios in Stamford. He cries about "letting down the clique..." makes me want to throw-up. Cornette gets on mic and announces the lawsuit against the WWF and Monsoon has been settled - in return for agreeing to drop the suit, Cornette will be allowed (or aloud, if you will) to select the "guest referee" for the Championship match!! Shawn is stunned. Vinnie says they will try to verify the info before the show is over.

Oh yeah...the match! UT comes on strong at the beginning, does his rope walking routine and gets the Bulldog good. He really rags on the guy for a while untill Bulldog turns the tables, gets a standing vertical suplex - the deadman pops up! Beats on him some more and then powerslams him - still he pops up!! And now these important messages...

As we return VinnieMac confirms the information about the special ref. In the ring the match has passed over to the Bulldogs advantage. UT keeps sitting up! Big slugfest just before we cut to commercial for one last time.

Coming back the Undertaker is in controll - I expect Owen to interfere any moment now. The fight goes outside. The pummel each other as the count goes on. Bulldog rolls back in but that pesky Mankind latches onto the Reaper's leg from underneath the ring. Cornette whisks his troups away as Mankind lays into the Undertaker. Referees storm the ring and attempt to hold off the deranged one as we fade to black. This time we don't get to see the mandible claw hold - thank God!

There were several good matches on each program - thrills and chills. I love this kind of warfare.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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