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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 2, Issue 110
January 15, 1997

Solie's Exclusive! A Brief History of the Four Horsemen: Part 3

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

In this issue of Solie's Wrestling Newsletter we bring you Part 3 of Ervin Griffin's concise historical perspective on the greatest wrestling stable of all time. With things the way they are in the Horsemen camp, it seems like an appropriate topic for a series. Griffin, a regular Solie's contributor who also writes articles for The Ringside Insider and other publications, has helped to enliven Solie's Readers' Forum since its inception.

Many Foes Have The Four Horsemen

They say that a hero is only as interesting as the villian. I would tend to agree. I also think that a villian, likewise, is only as good as his hero. The Four Horsemen have been both faces and heels during their 11 year existance. During that time they have made several enemies in the sport both as individuals and as a team. Here is a list of their greatest enemies (in my opinion):

DUSTY RHODES. The eternal enemy of the Horsemen. His feuds with Ric Flair and the Andersons had been going on long before 1985 in the infamous cage incident. In fact, his feud with the Andersons really began in the late 70's. His feud with Flair began in the early 80's.

MAGNUM TA. Another eternal enemy. His battles with the Horsemen began in 1985 with the $1,000 challenge match. His subsequent matches with future Horsemen Tully Blanchard made him a marked man in the eyes Flair and the Andersons.

THE ROAD WARRIORS. Let's face it, you're not going to be on the Horsemen's guest list if you break the leg of Ole Anderson. The Horsemen later got their revenge during a TBS taping where they beat the Warriors to a pulp. During 1986-1988, the Warriors (along with Nikita Koloff and Dusty Rhodes) would prove to be a constant thorn in the Horsemen's side.

THE ROCK N ROLL EXPRESS. You might be wondering why I am mentioning these two twerps?!!! While I do think that Morton and Gibson were not that great, I have to admit they did give the Horsemen fits. Especially over the NWA World Tag Team Titles. Morton (for a time) also kept Ric Flair up at night's over the NWA World Title, which was probably the best mat work Rick Morton's ever done!!!! The Horsemen did finally get Morton and Gibson when Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson "defeated" them (check out Earl's Illustrated History of The Four Horsemen for the full story) (Editor's Note: This incident also marked the beginning, in my opinion, of the decline in R&R's fortunes in general)

NIKITA KOLOFF. This feud actually pre-dates the Horsemen. It occured when Ivan Koloff started making challenges to Ric Flair for a match with his nephew Nikita. It really boiled over when Nikita attacked announcer David Crockett (proving the Outsiders were NOT the first wrestlers to attack an announcer as today's WCW would have us believe). Flair accepted the challenge for the very first Great American Bash held in Charolette, NC. Flair won that encounter but was attacked again by the Koloffs after the match. The feud took a different turn in 1986 when Nikita Koloff turned face and helped Dusty Rhodes attack Ole Anderson and JJ Dillion. Flair then requested a match with Koloff for Starrcade '86. The match ended in a brutal double DQ but did not die there. The two would battle several more times in singles and tag bouts over the next two years.

STING. His battles with the Horsemen actually began in the UWF when Lex Luger (then US Champion) went to challenge the top superstars of that federation. Sting had many battles with Luger in the UWF, most of them indecisive. It really hit the fan when Sting attacked JJ Dillion during one of Sting's matches!!!! This led to several battles with the Horsemen, an on/off relationship with Ric Flair, and a brief membership with the Horsemen.

LEX LUGER. Flair and Luger had already wrestled several times in Florida during 1986. A year later, Luger joined the Four Horsemen and became US Champion. Subsequently, he would lose that title to Dusty Rhodes and quit the Horsemen. He was one of the most frequent enemies of the Horsemen. It didn't really matter whether he was a face or a heel. If the Horsemen was around,then you can almost bet you will see Luger.

These guys above are, in my opinion, the greatest foes of the Four Horsemen. I know the Horsemen have had many foes but the guys named above really challenged them.

Thanks Ervin. You have given us us much to chew on, as you always do.

Solie's Monday Night Wars Editions to Appear Weekly on the Micasa Pro-Wrestling Website

Solie's is proud to announce that Mike Samuda at the Micasa Pro-Wrestling site has asked (and been given) permission to reprint our weekly Monday Night Wars reports as a regular feature on his site. Micasa is widely considered to be the best source of breaking news for the Internet wrestling community and Solie's will be honored to become a contributor.

WCW Fans Held Hostage...

As a longtime fan of WCW I have to say that I was terribly disappointed in that little Triangle-Match (Hogan/Giant/Robin Hood - thanks to Sean Vollman for that analogy) that TNT foisted on us unsuspecting wrestling fans Monday night. One comes to expect a certain amount of contempt for their fan base to be exhibited by McMahon and company but to have WCW perpetrate such a crime is disheartening to say the least. The laughable thing about it all is nobody really believes that the Geezermaniac and the Elephant Boy could actually go at it for 40+ minutes...or even make it past the 10 minute mark without the rest of Hogan's thugs intervening. You can bet we won't be seeing this one repeated on the weekend shows (except for the parts that we've already witnessed...)

More on Piper's Gibberish

According to the Bagpipe Report #182:

The "Gaelic gibberish" that Roddy Piper was shouting was the name of a Scottish song called "we're no a'wa to bide a'wa" which is Gaelic for "we're not away to remain away," in other words "I'll be back!" (Maitland)

More Corrections...

As was pointed out to me by numerous readers, Diamond Dallas Page did not embrace both of the Outsiders Monday night on Nitro and Kevin Nash tossed himself out of the ring and was not Diamond Cutted. Thanks for keeping me honest folks...

Just A Reminder...

Coming January 21 - an in depth interview with the namesake of this site - yes! Gordon Solie himself in the most detailed interview of his career. No, I didn't get the interview - I have Charles Maclauren over at the Bagpipe Report to thank for it (Thanks Charles!) but I do have the distinct honor of being allowed to make it a permanent feature on this site.

Here's an interesting letter I received from a reader:

Hey, my name is Kevin Villars.

I was at Nitro tonight and thought you might want to hear about something that happened that no one saw on TV. Remember when the picture cut out right before the Guerrero and Malenko match ended and even when it was over, you never saw a live shot? WELL, Eddie G. obviously chased down Syxx through the crowd and he had to come right through where my friends and I sat. We were excited that we would be up close with a wrestler, but when he finally got to where we were, we noticed that people in the audience were knocking him all over the place, the poor guy looked like a pinball, and he didn't look very happy.

Right when he got up along side of me, someone yanked on the back of his hair really hard and he turned and stared me down. I swear to God, I thought me and Eddie G. were gonna go at it right there, but I told him that it wasn't me and he hopped the rail and went on his way.

The reason I'm writing this is because of my anger with my fellow New Orleans wrestling fans. I've seen many wrestlers go into the audience in my time, but I've never seen anyone get mauled like poor Eddie. WCW hasn't come to New Orleans in a while and I hope some crap like this doesn't keep them away for a long time again.

Thanx for your ear,
Kevin Villars

Yee Gods! Shades of European soccer fans...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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