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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 2, Issue 114
January 20, 1997

Monday Night Wars Edition

Randy Savage Returns!

Occupies the Ring then Leaves with Sting

Bret Hart Quits - Then Reconsiders

Four Man Elimination Announced to Determine WWF Title Contender

Nitro Report

The program begins with Randy Savage appearing out of the crowd. He grabs a chair and enters the ring. He declares that he's been blackballed and wants to talk to someone with "major stroke". He's not leaving until he does. To illustrate the point he sits down in the chair in the middle of the ring.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. comes down for his opening contest with Maxx. Savage refuses to budge. Chavo tries to reason with him but the Macho Man is calm, but adament. Savage finally gets tired of jawin' and clobbers the youngster - tosses him out of the ring.

Maxx comes down - now he's talking to Savage. The Savage lets Maxx have it - pounds him into the corner. Next it's the referee's turn to get tossed. Security Chief Doug Dillenger gets the same treatment. Now the Macho Man has the chair in hand and is wielding it in a threatening manner. The wrestlers are gathering in the aisle to discuss the situation.

Suddenly Sting comes rappeling down from the rafters and makes his way to the ring. He has his bat handy. He enters the ring and circles Savage who remains seated. Sting strikes the chair a couple of times with the bat then puts it to Savages throat. That gets the Macho Man to his feet. Sting shoves Savage away with the bat, twice - then he hands it to Savage. He turns his back - but Randy declines the invitation.

Sting accepts the bat back and then leads Savage from the ring. They vault over the guardrail and leave through the crowd. Cut to commercial.

Review of Masahiro Chono's defection to the NWO

Chris Jericho vs. Alex Wright - this is a rematch from Jericho's debut appearance on Nitro several months ago. This time the match gets finished. The two young lions are pretty evenly matched. Wright has the height advantage - Jericho may have a little more experience. There is a "boring" chant rising out of the crowd during the early monents. It's mostly an exhibition of mat wrestling with some chops and kicks thrown in. Jericho finally wins it with a roll-up.

Scotty Riggs vs. NWO Sting (Stink) - Riggs dominates the early going (bare in mind his opponent is Cobra - a glorified jobber at best). Stink takes over momentarily after a modified Stun Gun move puts Riggs down. He pounds on his opponent a little then gets suckered into the corner and a boot to the face. Bagwell shows up - followed closely by the NWO thugs - they storm the ring. Riggs splits and is awarded the match because of outside interference. The thugs intimidate the ring announcer into announcing Stink as the winner. Don't know how it went down in the record book...

Ric Flair interviews Bob Provert of the Chicago Blackhawks. He says Hogan and the NWO better watch out...he carries a bat too you know...

Arn Anderson/Steve McMichaels vs. Eddie Guerrero/Jeff Jarrett - two great wrestlers vs. one great wrestler and a joke. McMichaels is impressively powerful but can't wrestle to save his life. He manages to lever Eddie out to the floor then goes out and runs him into the railing. Back inside Arn is tagged in, then Jarrett. During the fracus Syxx appears in the aisle (apparently - we never see him) and Guerrero abandons his partner to chase him down. Jarrett gets clobbered and is rescued by Debra who throws in her sash (...what???). Somehow this succeeds in halting the match...

Mean Gene with Ric Flair - the Horsemen join him. Flair says he's on the mend. Ric says that Horsemen are not the unit they used to be. Suggests that Mongo and Chris need to be Horsemen first. Mongo commandeers the mic - he's proud to be a Horsemen - Benoit allows that Mongo and the Mrs. are winners in their respective fields (football and beauty pagents) but this is pro-wrestling... Mongo counters that he and Arn just beat Jarrett where he (Benoit) failed. Nothing is settled...

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Review of the Bischoff rant from WCWSN

Dean Malenko vs. Ultimo Dragon - non-title match - a classic high-flyer against a mat wrestling machine. Malenko gets a brain buster and almost wins early on. Slaps on a reverse chinlock then releases the hold and whips the Dragon to the corner - follows him in with a clothesline. It goes outside and Dragon attempts a splash from the top rope but tastes concrete - then pops right back up - amazing!! They scuffle some on the outside then take it back into the ring. Ultimo Dragon attempts a head scissors rollup but fails to get the pin. Malenko goes for a verticle suplex but Dragon blocks it. They mix it up some more then Dragon wrenches Malenkos arm and puts him on the mat - moments later he rolls him up for the pin.

Second hour begins with a review of the Savage incident

Jaque Rougeau vs. Lord Steven Regal - TV Title match - this would be a squash except that Parker keeps interfering. He gives Rougeau the early advantage. After getting involved twice Parker comes into the ring and gets his man disqualified. Regal clobbers both of them...

Chris Benoit vs. Kevin Sullivan - this one isn't pretty. Benoit attacks Sullivan in the aisle they fight up to the concourse and then head for the head. The usual mayhem between these two ensues. Dillenger tries to break this one up and gets creamed (doesn't this guy ever learn..??) They fight back out to the concourse (Nancy has her shoes in her hands and is beating on the Security guys trying to keep up with her two men..) Benoit gets thrown down the steps - they fight their way towards the ring. Sullivan throws a cup of beer into Chris' face (this Bud's for you..?) Benoit returns the favor with soft drink (Ow! that ice stings...) they battle their way into the ring and the match begins!!!

They struggle on the top turnbuckle then tumble to the mat - Sullivan tries to put Benoit in the "tree of woe" but Chris won't stay hung. They whip off the ropes and collide head-to-head. Benoit recovers and mounts the corner, meanwhile Jimmy hart is handing Sullivan the bell. Chris launches himself and headbutts the bell (you should have heard that thing ring!!) Sullivan gets the pin.

NWO music plays - send in the NWO clowns...they take over the broadcast booth. No sign of Scott Hall in the entourage...Eric, Ted and Kevin assume the position...

Pierre Oulette vs Jim Duggen - Duggen is waving the WCW banner these days. Eric has decided to change the card around. He declares that Chono will wrestle Dave Taylor and Scott Hall will take on Booker T.

Meanwhile in the ring, Duggen and Oulette are having a match. The Steiners show up and Pearl Harbor the Canadians (Rougea has joined the folks at ringside). Duggen tapes up and knocks Pierre out to get the win. Cut to commercial.

Review of the DDP incident from last week

Masahiro Chono vs. Dave Taylor - Nick patrick is sent down to referee this one (great...) Taylor is wearing some kind of deerstalker outfit. Chono dominates early on then Taylor comes back. He's doing surprisingly well against the Japanese powerhouse. It goes outside - Chono gets whipped to the guardrail. Back inside Chono re-assumes control - he gets an STF submission hold to win the match.

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Booker T (w/Sherri) vs. Scott Hall - this is Hall's first singles match on Nitro. Patrick is still the referee. Hall flings his toothpick in Booker's face and gets slugged in return (hardly and even exchange) Hall grabs an arm and delivers his shoulder smashes ala jake the Snake. Booker responds with a devastating hook kick. They mix it up - Booker's feet are flying and Hall is taking the brunt of it. Booker tries to throw a body press but Hall catches him in mid-flight and does his over-the-head slam. He sets Booker up for a super-plex but gets elbowed to the mat. Booker goes for a pin but Patrick gives him a slow count. As Booker is arguing with the referee, Scott grabs him into position for the "Outsider's Edge" (that's what Nash calls it...) - nuff said...

Stevie Ray (w/Sherri) vs. Lex Lugar - Eric and the boys are claiming that both Sting and Savage are NWO (dream on guys...) - this is a real knock-down-drag-out fight. It goes outside where Lugar gets smashed into the railing - Sherri gets in some licks - Back inside Stevie kicks him in the head - they criss cross and Lugar gets a powerslam - then racks Stevie. Sherri and Stevie Ray are having words with the referee as Lugar leaves.

It's Hollywood time - Hogan comes to the ring to rant with Debiasi and Vincent in tow - Kevin refers to him as the "world's richest beach bum". Teddy introduces Hogan as the "only Icon..." Hogan's speeches just get weirder and weirder...he calls the Giant a "...a big, fat, pimple infested crybaby" (who writes this stuff..??)

Here comes the Giant - Security restrains him as Hogan hurls taunts - he breaks free and rushes forward...fade to black.

RAW Report

A Correction

I find that I misunderstood the parameters of the main event for the RAW program. It will be the winner of the Royal Rumble (Austin) facing the loser of the Title match (Sid) tonight.

Except that we learn that it will be Austin vs. Undertaker. Also Gorilla Monsoon has a big announcement. As they are explaining the change in the main event...

Bret Hart the interrupts the introductions to complain that he has been screwed by Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, the WWF and Vince McMahon (in that order...) He has decided that it doesn't look like he's going to get his fair title shot so he quits!! Vince tries to talk to him but he hops the barrier and leaves.

Austin shows up and grabs a mic - he starts to rant but nothings coming out - then they get him hooked up and he starts by calling Bret Hart a crybaby and a quitter - or words to that effect...complains that he was supposed to face Sid tonight but Sid has a concussion so he's going to have a match with the Undertaker - he says bring him on.

Vince leaves the ringside area. Cut to commercial.

Owen Hart/Brittish Bulldog vs. Doug Furnas/Phillip LaFon - Non-Title match - Owen/LaFon in to start. Both are very athletic and good with their feet. Both are also great mat technicians. This is a wrestling lesson. LaFon puts Owen down with a reverse kick then tags Furnas in. Furnas tries two pin attempts in quick succession with no result. Bulldog tagged in. He gets Frankensteinered and rolls out into the comforting arms of Clarance Mason (eeyew!) Back inside he faces LaFon with no better luck. Owen tags in surrepticiously and hits LaFon with a flying drop-kick from the top rope. Cut to commercial.

We're back and Jim Ross is making Robin Hood jokes. Meanwhile Owen and Furnas are mixing it up. The tag champs try a double team but Furnas downs them both with a double clothesline. He's too out of it to follow up, however. Bulldog holds him up for a long moment in a verticle suplex before dropping him. Owen tagged in - gets a snap suplex then goes for a flying head-butt but eats canvas. LaFon back in - then the Bulldog. LaFon is in control - Bulldog tries to turn the tables but gets suplexed again. LaFon backs into the ropes and Owen grabs his foot. LaFon turns around and gets brained with Owen's Slammy. Bulldog puts the running powerslam on him - end of story.

The NOD come down with Faarooq - he will face Bart Gunn in this contest. Bart outwrestles his opponent until commercial time.

We're back and Faarooq is in charge now. The NOD goons are getting in their licks at every opportunity (does Faarooq really need all this help..?) After mauling his man he goes to the top and lets fly only to be sidestepped and crashes to the mat. Moments later Bart bulldogs his opponent in his best Texas style. The rappers distract him so Faarooq can gain back the advantage - it's all over in a matter of moments.

Vince returns to the ringside area with Gorrilla Monsoon - cut to commercial.

Monsoon's announcement is that because of the controversial nature of Austin's win last night the WWF has decided to hold up his title shot at Wrestlemania. They have set up a "rectangle match" a four person single elimination match to determine the title contender at Wrestlemania. The competitors are Hart (if he will reconsider his resignation), Vader, Undertaker (both were illegally eliminated last night by Stone Cold) and Austin.

Steve Austin comes down to the ring and says Monsoon is "brayin' like a jackass" then threatens to come after the President after he wins the title shot. He seems to be contemplating attacking him right now but Bret Hart reappears and accepts the match. Bret then challanges Austin to get it on "right now". Bret runs out and they grapple in the aisle. The suits come down to separate them as we cut to commercial.

We're back and Austin is back in the ring - Bret is being restrained ringside - the lights go out - it's time for the main event. The Undertaker comes down and gets it on with Bret in the aisle (there's been more action there then in the ring tonight...) Bret is pulled off of the dead man and Austin takes his place. Undertaker fights him off - they go to the ring and the match is on.

They say that Undertaker has some broken ribs from his match last night with Vader but it doesn't seem to slow him down any. He is all over Austin from the get-go. Austin gets his chance to come back when Undertaker puts his head down.

Now it is all Austin. Lawler is trying to tell Austin about the Undertaker's ribs but Stone Cold is ignoring him. They go into the corner and Undertaker hits him a low blow. Still Austin slips in a Stunner - both men go down. Backstage Bret Hart and Vader are brawling while the suits try to keep them apart. Cut to commercial.

We're back again - Austin tries a pinning combination but can't hold the big guy down. He's moving way to slowly as he climbs the turnbuckle - UT upsets him and then climbs up to try a super-plex. Austin hammers his ribs then shoves him off. Steve drops an elbow, flings UT into the ropes but misses a clothesline. Undertaker comes back with a flying clothesline of his own.

Vader shows up - Undertaker chokeslams him. Hart runs in and they pair off - Austin/Hart - Vader/Undertaker. Austin flees the ring and Hart goes after him. They struggle in the aisle (here we are again...) Bret drags Austin back to the ring area. Their bashing each other into the steps, the apron, the ringpost - up in the ring Undertaker suplexes Vader. Vader slinks away - Austin and Hart continue to fight it out as we fade away.

I thought both shows were pretty good tonight - certainly RAW had more bang per hour - but then its only half as long. The Savage/Sting thing was intriguing. I wonder if Bret Hart will became a full-fledged heel again...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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